Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daily Happenings

So much going on, but really nothing at all, if that makes any sense. Just day to day stuff.

David has really been struggling in school with talking since returning from the Christmas break. I don't know if it is really that big of a deal or not, but I am just tired of him only getting two stickers a week on his conduct folder. In kindergarten and first grade, he got smiley faces, and the teachers would give a warning before actually marking a conduct folder. This year, his teacher doesn't give warnings (according to David, and I do believe him because some of the stuff he that causes him to not get a sticker just seems so minute). If you talk out of turn or disrupt in any way, you have lost your chance for a sticker that day. The first semester of the year, he averaged three to four stickers a week, but he never had a week with five. However, his conduct grade was perfect on his report card, so I figure that on a daily basis his teacher is very strict but keeps a fair overall look at conduct. But since Christmas, David has struggled with controlling himself. It is so hard to get onto a good kid for talking during reading time or being too loud in the lunch room. It's not like he is hitting other children or talking back to his teacher. But, as I explained to him, learning to follow the rules and control your behavior is one of the most important things he can learn right now. And I was honest enough to tell him that it is incredibly difficult to control yourself, and that it is certainly a concept some adults have never learned to master. He is working on it, and I know he is trying hard. And I am encouraging him with a little incentive - when he gets a total of ten stickers, I'll take him to Books-A-Million. That's one of his favorite things to do, so consider him motivated.

I was preparing Madalyn's lunch for school today, which has become more difficult since our preschool outlawed peanut butter and all peanut products. Not that Madalyn begs for a PB&J, but it sure is an easy lunch to throw together in the morning. So, it is hard for me to think of things that she will eat. This morning I went with the chicken nugget option, which just seems so incredibly gross to me but they all love it, so whatever. As I was sealing the package up to put it back in the freezer, I read the back of the bag. "Recipe Suggestions" was printed there on the package, and I had to read on. It listed two recipes - one for Kickin' Ketchup and the other for a Tangy Apricot Sauce. And I pause to wonder if the dear people at Tyson even realized that the women who are nuking chicken nuggets for their children are probably not the demographic of folks who are actually going to prepare their own dipping sauces. Just a thought for them.

So, I bought my first bra today, and I had one of those epiphany moments. Bra shopping is like bathing suit shopping or trying on jeans. You go into the little room, poorly lit by fluorescents, with at least ten different options, and you are considered lucky if you walk back out with even one thing that works. In other words, it is no easier to find C cups that fit appropriately and feel good at the same time as it is to find little tiny A cups. There just happen to be more options out there on the racks thus giving the false hope to people like me that bra shopping is easier for certain sizes when in actuality it is easy for NONE.

Isn't my life fascinating? Tune in this weekend for a tribute to my baby girl, who, coincidentally, is no baby at all and will be turning FOUR on Saturday. That just seems so old to me - four. Where does the time go??

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Chelle said...

Ah, yes, the joy of bra shopping. I swear, I would make millions if I could invent a fool-proof one-size-fits-all bra.

Or, you know, dressing room lighting that is actually flattering.

Either way :)