Monday, June 30, 2008

Just when you think...

We had it all planned out. Scott had called his mom to keep the kids for us Saturday evening. I just needed a break. I can't even remember the last time both my children spent the night away. Maybe that's not a big deal to some, but I am the kind of mom that needs a break form time to time. I will be the first to say that. David was sick on Wednesday and Thursday, and a trip to the doctor revealed that is was not strep but just a virus. By Friday, he was great, but then Madalyn's fever started. I quickly figured out that our grand plan of having a night without children had been thrown out the window.

Saturday night was terrible. Madalyn was up several times that night and spent the bulk of the evening in our bed tossing and turning with a fairly high fever. Around 4 am, David started vomiting and continued through 10 that morning. It was just one of those nights that you can never be prepared for. I would get one settled in just for the other to wake up. But I made it through, and the patient mommy in me emerged, as she always does during times of sickness. I wish I could muster that amount of tolerance every day.

The lesson learned form this weekend: Just when you think you have had enough of your kids and you can't take another minute, God will take the opportunity to show you that you can and you should and you will. I just need to get over myself and suck it up and quit feeling sorry for myself that I never have any personal time. My kids need me, and I need to realize that it won't be like this forever. I am just glad I was able to learn a lesson from buckets of vomit and a fever stricken child. And live to tell the story.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

5:30 in the morning

Oh, dear. It promises to be a long day. I have been up now for almost an hour already. David has strep; we will go to the doctor to confirm it later this morning, but I already know it for certain. This will be his fourth bought with it, and I know the symptoms like the back of my hand now. Yesterday, we had to get more ibuprofen, and we decided to get the little junior strength pills to try because he hates liquids so much. So he swallowed his first pill yesterday. They are so tiny, but nonetheless, he swallowed them. He is getting so big. Not big enough to get down from his bunk bed and make it to a trashcan or toilet to throw up in yet, but definitely big enough to swallow a tic-tac sized ibuprofen.

Since I am awake at this awful hour and cannot go back to sleep, I am off to run. Might as well do something besides lie in bed and wish that I could back to sleep.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Because I haven't fallen down the stairs lately...

I was just commenting to Scott the other day that I haven't fallen down the stairs lately. It happens once every couple of months and results in a few bruises but no major injuries. Well this morning, while cutting the grass, I perfected a new stunt - falling down while cutting the grass and taking the lawn mower down with me. Talented, I know. Please, no autographs.

See, our front yard has a steep slope up to the street. It is flat close to the house, but the closer you get to the street, it takes a steep incline. This makes it rather interesting when cutting the grass. So I had just started, and I was making my pass all around the perimeter of the yard. And I reached the steepest part of the incline and the lawnmower hit an uneven area and the mower started to tip and I tried to correct and the grass was a little slippery and then all at once, there I was on my left butt cheek in the grass. (That was perhaps the longest run-on sentence I have ever composed in my life.) I couldn't help but laugh, after the expletive, of course. And then I look up to see that my neighbor was pulling out of her driveway and had waited to make sure that I got up. Not my young neighbors that know me well. But the retired neighbors that always walk outside as I am yelling at my kids, see me drink beer in the driveway, that had to come and move my husband's truck for me because I don't know how to drive a stick, and that witnessed me soak myself while trying to figure out how to set the sprinkler last summer. You know - the neighbors who think I am an absolutely crazy and enjoy a good laugh at my expense behind closed doors. I am just glad I could stand up and laugh at myself and to know that I am spreading the joy with others.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Tomorrow David will turn seven. Seven. It sounds so old yet still so young. It seems nearly impossible that the little baby I held in my arms and stared at in both wonder and fright is turning seven. I can remember when the doctor held him up at his birth just staring at him and thinking how big he looked. A whopping 8 pounds 14 ounces seemed so big at the time. How I wish I could go back and hold him one last time at that size knowing what I know now, having the motherhood experience I have now. But I can't. I was so scared, so uncertain, so insecure. I had no idea what to do with him. We did not bond instantly like some mothers brag about. It took me months to get to know him and to know what to do for him. Months to know how to make him happy. Months to get used to his crying. Months to slip into the role of mother. I look back now on all the mistakes I have made over the years and hope that he won't remember. Like the time I left him alone in the bathtub for literally two seconds to go and throw a stinky diaper out the back door because I just couldn't stand to smell it any longer. I returned to find him face first on the tile bathroom floor, nose bloodied and screaming. I freaked out. How could I do that? I knew better than to leave him even for one second. Just a mistake. A simple mistake. The doctor laughed and reassured me when I told him the story as he was checking the nose for a break. "They are made of rubber at this age. No need to worry." I know he will not remember these small things, but I will. Especially the day he had cried all day - I mean ALL DAY - and I couldn't do anything for him. So I remembered hearing that you could turn the vacuum on in the child's room and it would calm them. And it worked. When Scott came home that night, he found me outside on the back porch, and the vacuum cleaner running in David's room. And of course the night I had been up with David all night. He wouldn't lay down, he wouldn't take a bottle, he wouldn't take a pacifier. I had to call my mom at three in the morning to come over because I just didn't know what to do. In some ways, David has been my little experiment - finding out what works, what doesn't work. Settling into the life of a mom. Coming into my own at the same time. Learning so much about myself through him. Wanting so much for such a little person. Doing things and feeling things I never dreamed were possible. What an amazing gift he has been to me. He talks too much, he annoys me, he hits his sister and fights over insignificant things. But he laughs all day, he is sharp as a tack, he has the tenderest of hearts, and he is truly a blessing from God. And he is turning seven.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doughnuts anyone?

We are selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts to raise money for our tee ball trip to Florida in a couple of weeks. I picked up our order this morning. The entire house smells like Kripy Kreme. I have already eaten three and a half doughnuts. I feel like I am doomed to barf at any minute. Someone help me please!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Man

Little man's life has all of the sudden become full. I have always been one of those moms who doesn't believe in allowing your child to be too busy or be involved in too much. But as he has gotten older, I have realized that those things seem to find you no matter how hard you try to fight them off. This week, David is attending Vacation Bible School, which is something that I have such incredibly fond memories of as a child. I went every summer, and then when I was too old to go myself, I became a helper. I am so amazed at how much the concept has changed throughout the years. Of course, when I was young, I never attended a large church. But our church here that we attend (when we attend) has over five hundred children enrolled from age 5 to 9. Amazing!! When I walked David in the first morning, I was taken back that the entire auditorium of the church was filled with children. And the crafts are out of this world - a test tube filled with some kind of gel and glitter on Monday, and then yesterday, they made their own bouncy ball. We used to make magnets out of wooden popsicle sticks and I can remember making something out of a plastic communion cup. You get the point; these kids have it made in so many more ways than one. And they don't even realize it. This year's VBS theme is Power Lab which is right up David's alley as he loves anything to do with science or experiments. He is having a ball, and it gives him something to stimulate his mind a little.

And of course we are still hot and heavy with his tee ball. We won the number one seed for the local area tournament in Hoover, and we played our first tournament game last night. We won, and now we play again on Friday night. If we win that game, we play on Saturday for the area championship. Our team is AMAZING!! You cannot even imagine how good these little guys are. There is no way to explain it with words. They make plays like ten year olds do, and no one can really believe it until they see it for them self. Several people from Scott's work have come to see the games, and they always leave saying the same thing: We knew you said they were good, but we really had no idea they were that good. So we are excited at the possibility of winning this little tournament, and we are already registered to go and play in a tournament the weekend of July 4th in Pensacola. Baseball has been so much fun, and I really do look forward for the years to come with David. It definitely keeps us busy between the games and endless practices. But when I see him out there on first base grinning from ear to ear, it is worth every minute.

Next week he will got o a basketball camp put on by our high school. It is a four day deal, and they go from 9 to 4 in the afternoon. I think he will have a lot of fun. And his birthday is next week, and so much more to do. I am telling you, it gets crazier and crazier by the minute around here. I guess this is just the way it will be from here on out. I am merely a taxi service from one thing to the next.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We had a surprising call from an old friend Saturday night. Someone we had not talked to in over four years. The last time I saw him, he came storming through our gate into our little side yard at our old house in Montgomery. He then preceded to punch another friend of ours in the face, and they brawled right there in the grass. All of this was the result of a phone conversation between the two men about, of all things, the Auburn / Alabama game. They were both running their mouths and talking stupid, as men often do about sports, and the guy that was at our house thought it was just all in good fun. But apparently, our other friend did not. He drove all the way from Prattville to Montgomery to our house to punch another man. When we finally broke up the fight, I told him to leave and never come back. And he didn't. Within the years that followed, he became addicted to crack cocaine. We had heard through friends of friends that he had gone off the deep end, but we never knew for certain how he was or if he was still alive.

I was glad to hear his voice on Saturday. I was glad to hear that he was doing well and that he seemed ashamed of his behavior so many years ago. I was glad to hear that he had been to rehab about a year ago and was trying to live right. But I quickly became saddened about his situation - alone, no friends, no wife, no children, and fighting an addiction that has been tagged the toughest one to beat. Just a few poor choices and years of his life were lost. Those same choices will haunt him forever and pull at his soul. And there are so many more out there like him. Too many to count. Too many living day to day trying to make the right choices but inwardly resigned to failure.

I want to ask all my friends to pray for him. I do not want to mention his name. God already knows. Please lift him up in prayer. I am sending some contact information his way that could really be of help to him if he is willing to take it. I just hope he will. Because that's is all I can do for him. I just wish I could do more...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh dear...

I have done something I said I would never do. I signed Madalyn up for tee ball through the YMCA. We all know she is only three. And we all know, as well, that three is entirely too young to play any sport really. But growing up at the ball park and other sporting events with her brother has made Madalyn want something of her own to do. Everything is so low key with the Y - one practice and one game a week. So that's not too much. Of course, it costs way too much money for what little bit you do, but she is so excited to be on a team. We had our first game on Tuesday night, and we truly should charge admission for the pure entertainment value.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of the game was when David coached second base. See, at three and four, you need someone standing at every base to remind the kids where to run. So David wanted to play coach. He had the time of his life helping all those little ones run around the bases. He got so excited for his sister whom he lovingly calls "baby girl" with the sweetest little voice in the world. Below is a picture of him sending his sister to third base.

What a fun experience!! So different from David's high pressure ball games. And many more years to come...