Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who needs oxygen anyway?

For the past month and a half now, I have been sick. Literally. I came home from my trip to Florida ill, and though I have had the occasional day here or there that I have felt better, I have basically felt like crap the rest of the time.

I am over the strep, and now I cannot breathe. At all. Through either side of the nose. Today, I had a good day and was able to breathe through the right nostril almost all day. Now they are both clogged again and I am in desperate need of air.

There's something about when you can't breathe. You just keep trying. Try to inhale through the nostrils, no success, two seconds pass, and try again. Nope. Still can't. Repeat every two seconds.

I am at my wits end. Literally, I am hanging off the edge of my wits and trying to stay sane and manage two hyperactive children on Christmas vacation. I keep thinking, "What can I gleam from this experience? What lesson can I learn from all this feeling like crap day after day after day?" I still don't know the answer, but I am sure there is one in there. Somewhere. Maybe once the mucous clears and I am back at normal oxygen levels again I will be able to share the lesson learned. Until then, I remain irritated and on the verge of tears all the time. I must not cry, however. I think we all know that will only make the breathing issue worse.

I think I may visit the doc-in-a-box AGAIN tomorrow morning. With green stuff coming out every pore in my upper body and this congestion that just won't go away, I am ready to have some relief. Even if that means paying another co-pay and having another shot. I just want to breathe again.

I will post about our Christmas when I can inhale through both nostrils. At the same time, mind you.

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RunnerMom said...

I hope you got some good prescription drugs at the doc in a box!