Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas

Well, I can kind of breathe a little after a steroid shot yesterday and another round of antibiotics. So I thought it safe to post about our Christmas festivities around here.

On Christmas Eve, my personal tradition is to go to my grandmother's house. I was especially looking forward to it this year I guess mainly because I really do expect it to be her last. I just can't see her making it another year. Of course, I have said this before, and she has proven me wrong, but I just have a feeling. I was a little disappointed this year. My grandmother was really not feeling well, and she just looked so bad (and has been looking increasingly worse over the last few months). It was just hard to look around and look at her and her house and everything and realize it will never be the way it was again. Never. She will not be restored in this world to her place of health and vitality. I will never experience a turkey and dressing holiday again with her like I remember. But I was glad to be there, and I hope selfishly that we have many more of these left. But I know we don't.

When we got back home, the kids got bathed and we waited on Santa's drive by in the Alabaster firetruck. It is an annual tradition in our little town that Santa visits every neighborhood at some point in the day on Christmas Eve riding atop a city fire truck. It works out brilliantly for us as our location is typically one of the absolute last stops of the day (it was around 8:30 pm this year), and it is a great way to convince the kids it's time to go to bed. Last year was the first year they both understood what was going on, and this year was even better for Madalyn. She kept telling us all, "Merry Christmas!" Just randomly, she would call our names and tell us. It was so sweet and pure and I want to remember her spirit forever this year.

We got the kids to bed and began our duties which should have been fairly easy this year except for my little "I can't breathe" problem. But we got it all done and in the bed by 11:30 none the less. We also had specifically instructed David that he should not get out of bed until 6:30 in the morning. I even went so far as to give him my cell phone to keep in the bed so that he could monitor the time. And right on the nose, he woke us up ready to check out his stuff.

They had a ball. They had just enough. Granted, they didn't get everything they wanted, but I heard no complaints. Well, Madalyn did say, "Where is my doggie that rolls over?" But once she saw the doggie that Santa had brought her and what he could do, she was thrilled. I even double checked with her that night and she admitted that she liked him better than doggie that just rolls over. Phew.

We went to Scott's parent's house for Christmas dinner and visiting. I was pretty much miserable all day until I got home and saline flushed my nose and did some Dristan and opened the air flow. I am telling you, I am a mess right now. I have been horribly ill today, and in fact, just about an hour ago, I completely lost it with Madalyn and slammed a door and everything. Pretty ugly sight. Good thing there are no hidden cameras around here, or at least I hope there aren't. I just need some rest, and the kids don't understand. And I have no help to entertain them. Just going it alone, as usual. Things just seem a little bleak right now, but I am hoping that once I really get my feet back under me, I will perk up. I just don't think I understood how exhausted I have been until the past two days. I am utterly worn out.

But I will bounce back. I always do. I am supermom, after all. I can do everything. Everything. Even when I can't breathe, it all still gets done.


Chelle said...

You accomplished more while sick than most men do when they are perfectly well. You, my dear ARE Superwoman.

Erika said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so crappy. I am still snotty as well. What's up with that?!?! I'll talk to you soon.

Erika said...

Oh, I wonder if my mammaw will make it another year as well. She was so out of it. It about broke my heart. I'm going to try and get to Montgomery again within the next couple of months.