Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mucus, Better Known As SNOT

We are covered in mucus around here. Pretty soon, it will envelope us all and suffocate us, I swear. It is coming out of every pore and opening of every human body in this household, and I am so disgusted with it I could scream.

I awoke to screams sounds of gagging this morning. It was David. At first, I thought, "Oh, no!! Not the dreadful stomach virus on the day of our no-kids-allowed Christmas party!!" But when I was able to asses the situation, I realized it was nothing bu mucus coming out of him. No vomit - just snot. (Are those not two of the nastiest words ever??)

I have blown my nose so many times in the past few days that it hurts to breathe through it. I have slathered it with Aquafor every chance I get, so that just means I will have a blackhead the size of a watermelon next week right underneath my nostril - and everyone knows how bad those hurt.

I think Madalyn is well and has to be the least snotty person in the house. And Scott, well, whether he is sick or not, tends to take on the symptoms of all others in the house so as not to be outdone. He doesn't pout or fret about it, but he is still a man. Men always play sick even when they are not so they don't feel left out.

So - that's the deal. We have all (well, me and David) taken our doses of Mucinex and hopefully we can get the mucus thinned and moving along.

Just thought I would share.


RunnerMom said...

I hope you guys get rid of the nasties soon! Have a great party!

Chelle said...

Eww, ick! I feel for you, the Man-Cub throws up every time he has The Mucus. Drainage really upsets his stomach.

Hope you all get to feeling better, soon.

Erika said...

Not the best entry to read as I am eating lunch! Gag!