Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Tidbits of Info

The leaves are gone. I don't think anyone can understand the magnitude of that simple statement. THE LEAVES ARE GONE. That means so much... no more stressing out over all the leaves in the pool, no more feelings of sheer panic when I hear the wind hitting the side of the house. You just really have no idea. Thank you Lord, the leaves are gone. And that was not sarcastic by any means nor sacrilegious. I am so genuinely thankful that the leaves are all out of the trees.

Last night, anyone who knows what kind of mom I really am would have been so proud of me. I am a good mom, sure, but I wouldn't call myself the most patient with my children. Especially when it comes to doing things with them. I baked Halloween cookies one year (I think David was four) and had him ice and decorate them. Nightmare. I just can't handle that sort of thing. They make such a mess and just get too excited and I go into panic mode. But last night, I redeemed myself fully with gingerbread men. Publix sells a kit that includes four gingerbread cookies, icing, little candies, and a decorative gel tube. Pretty smart, seeing as I don't personally know any mother who has ever baked gingerbread man cookies. Anywho - I am in charge of the little preschool party next week and thought it might be a good idea for a craft. So I decided to test it out at home and see what Madalyn could do. So I pulled it all out and got it all set up, and I was so proud of myself. I never raised my voice. They listened to me. They had so much fun. And I had fun watching them enjoy themselves doing something together. I really should have taken a picture of the gingerbread men and of them doing them, but like I said, I am so not that kind of mom so I didn't think about it until after we were all done.

So today, I am baking a chicken. Like a whole chicken. I have always wanted to cook a whole chicken. Seems funny that I have cooked a 26 pound turkey but not a whole chicken. Does anyone out there realize just how cheap a chicken is? Hello - you can get the whole thing for cheaper than a pack of breasts. Mind you, you have to remove the gizzard pack from the inside, but a $4 chicken is not such a bad deal even if you have to molest it.

Tomorrow night, we have our annual Christmas party - sans children. We do Dirty Santa, eat a lot (well, I eat a lot), and, I must admit, we drink a lot, too. It is so much fun. I always fret about it and hate preparing for it, but we always have so much fun and it is just a part of our Christmas tradition now. This year, we will be mixing in some new baseball friends with old friends and car friends. It always feels weird when you start mixing it up like that, you know. You don't want one group to feel left out or jilted. So that is the only thing I might be a little anxious about. But it will be fun for all who attend. So if anyone will be over our way, feel free to drop by!! Except for my parents because you will be keeping the kids, and we certainly won't want any of them around. No offense.

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