Thursday, December 18, 2008

All Partied Out

Saturday night: Adult Christmas party with Dirty Santa gift swap, lots of food, and good ole' Christmas spirits - lots o' fun for all

Today, 11:00 am: Preschool party with gingerbread men, pigs-in-a-blanket, Doritoes, and birthday cake for Baby Jesus (yes - we really do have a cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus at our preschool which is weird to me but I just do as I am told) - lots o' fun for the preschoolers

Today, 1:00 pm: 2nd grade party with gingerbread houses made from graham crackers, chips and dip, and plenty enough M&M's for an entire country - lots o' fun for the second graders (and Madalyn, too)

I am one exhausted party animal. I don't think I could attend or assist with another Christmas party if my life depended on it. Do not ask me to come up with an idea for a craft. Please do not ask me to bake any cookies. I do not want to see another goodie bag or ginger-anything for another year. Please.

Now that today is out of the way, hopefully I can sit back and relax and watch Christmas blur by. Oh, never mind. I have to pick up last minute gifts and run around from place to place spreading my delightful Christmas cheer with every member of every family we are any way affiliated.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Seriously, this may very well be my last post before the jolly old soul visits, because things promise to become even more hectic next week. So to all my little bloggy friends both new and old, Merry Christmas! I hope we all enjoy this wonderful time of year with our children because that seems to be where the true fun lies.

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