Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Afternoon at the Pediatrician

If ever I had a Christmas wish, it would most definitely be to spend an afternoon with both my kids at the pediatrician. I can think of nothing more lovely - more in the spirit of the Christmas season - than to sit in a waiting room packed FULL of hacking, coughing children wiping their noses and squalling for an hour. And then to be trapped in the little room for 45 minutes with a break dancing seven year old and a tone death (but must sing and must do it loudly) three year old. My life is now complete.

Friday afternoon, on the walk home from school, David tells me that again that day his leg had been hurting. He had complained about it that week - the leg hurt when he put pressure on it. I had chalked it up to growing pains or something, but when he told me it hurt so bad he could barely do PE, I knew it must hurt pretty bad. He is not a complainer. So when we got home, I told him to show me the area that hurt and I started feeling around on it to see if I could figure out what was going on. Cause, you know, I am a trained medical professional and all. You didn't know that? Anyway - as I am feeling around on the calf - that's what was hurting - I ran my hand across a nodule. It felt really strange - very hard and irregular shaped, and when I really felt the width of it, it just alarmed me. I immediately called the office and I was surprised that they were actually able to get me an appointment.

On Saturday evening, Madalyn woke up, beginning at 3:00 am, every hour on the hour. She couldn't be still in the bed with me. I could just tell she couldn't get comfortable. And I wrestled with her all night and barely got any sleep at all. Sunday morning, she said that her ear was hurting. First - hallelujah! We already have an appointment! Second - oh, crap! That's two copays.

$35 + $35 = $70

So, here was the official $70 diagnosis. David has what she believes to be fat neurosis. Basically, she believes (or hopes) that he had a traumatic deep tissue bruise in that area and it has left this scarring of the fatty tissue. Translation: She is not completely certain what it is, but I should watch it and if it does anything but get smaller, I am to bring him back in. I can't say that I am completely sold on the diagnosis, but I am not sure if that just isn't me worrying about it. It just feels so weird, and I can't get past that. The other half of the diagnosis is that both Madalyn's ears are grossly infected, and the way the infection looks makes her believe that we have had walking pneumonia (remember I was on death's door and Madalyn had the cough along with me but never any fever). I think it is fascinating that ear infections can look different and that was ever a person astute enough to notice that and make note of it. Anywho - antibiotics will take care of the ears, and we will have a follow-up visit on the 30th (so they can make that extra $35 before year's end - is she not old enough yet to tell me if her ear still hurts?) and at least she will be able to look at the leg again. And they will get their flu shots, which will be absolute hell, but they are long overdue and David definitely needs it with the wheezing bouts he has had in the past.

So, there you have it. My afternoon yesterday in a nutshell. Ears and legs. Always something with these kids. But I must admit, I don't know how people handle their kids being really sick. When I felt that knot in David's leg, my heart sank to my stomach. I just can't imagine it being anything serious. I don't know how parent's handle those things. I hope I never have to know. And I am grateful for the insignificant things like ear infections and bruises.


Erika said...

Peyton complains about his calf hurting sometimes too, but unlike David, he is a complainer, so I generally ignore it. Nice, mommy, I know. I figure his is just soreness or something. I guess the next time he says something I will look more into it. I'm surprised your ped didn't at least order an x-ray or something.

Chelle said...

When it rains, it pours, right?

I hope David's diagnosis is correct, if so, it's no biggie; my husband actually has a couple of those whatchmacallits from injuries throughout his life. They feel really strange when I run my fingers over them (ooooh, dirty) but don't hurt him in the least.

Badge of honor for a male, I suppose, you know, like scars.

Rebecca said...

I hope it all turns out ok for David. Don't you just love sitting in the ped office all day! FUN FUN!