Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While you were out...

While I was away, nothing much changed, really. The house was in better shape than I imagined it would be. There were a ton of clothes on the floor in both the kids rooms, which only tells me that neither one of them can remember what to do with their dirty clothes. And that I am the only one that can remind them. And Madalyn was much the same as she always is - we spent my first day back on board arguing about the same old same old. She wants to eat five thousand snacks a day and never sit down to a meal, where as I would prefer her to eat three basic meals and have a couple of snacks. Do I expect too much? I had to tell both of my children the same thing yesterday: "I don't what you have been doing for the past two days while I have been gone, but I am back." Tighten the reigns a little and pull them back in. Right.

I did miss home, a little, I thought, until I actually got back and realized that it is the same place I left. My kids missed me, but I think it was only because they generally don't know what they are supposed to do without me. Case in point, the ten shirts found lying on the floor. I am sure both of them thought, "Now what is it I'm supposed to do with these again? If Mama was here, she could tell me." I know they love me. I know they missed my presence. But I am beginning to think I was mostly missed because I am the thread that pulls this crazy mess all together at the end of the day. And the beginning of the day and in the middle. Basically, I am the glue.

Being the glue is exhausting.

Of course, I came home sick. Which is just really not how I wanted to come home. There is always so much to do when you come home. First of all, I have to find things. Things as simple as shoes - where have the children put their shoes? Because you know they don't put them where they belong. Of course not. That would make too much sense. And the laundry. Goodness gracious, the dirty laundry that piles up while you are gone for just two days. Unbelievable. And the little things like rinsing the sink out after brushing your teeth and wiping down the spots on the mirrors. Those are the things that just don't get done while you are gone.

Also while I was away, I watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy with Erika. I must say, I have seen every episode, and this was by far the WORST episode ever. What are they doing? Poor Izzie is going bananas. Why is Denny back? I'm sorry - is this Days of Our Lives or Grey's, because I thought it only possible to come back from the dead on a daytime soap opera. Please, writers, give us a little more respect than that. And could we not just give Izzie the break she deserves and allow her to be happy and try to get things right with Alex (who is finally becoming nice enough to like)?? Oh, and the new doctor, fresh from the battle fields in Iraq, is nothing short of a psycho. Hello?!? Would a person as strong as Yang really allow a fellow doctor to just attack her at random and just simply walk away with nothing to say??? Come on. Once again - poor choice. At least they are getting something right. Meredith and Derek are enjoying a perfectly normal and boring relationship together, at last. Hallelujah.

Okay. I am tired now. I think I will go and rest my mind. I am still not quite myself. Hopefully tomorrow I can give a full report of my trip to the South of Florida.

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