Friday, November 28, 2008

Raw Turkey

I have to say that I have handled enough raw turkey in the past two days to last a lifetime. We decided to fry turkeys this year, which I thought would leave me a little less responsible for the bird as Scott handles food prep out of doors (grilling, fish frying, etc.). But I was wrong. I failed to realize that the bird has to be adequately prepped for frying - injected and rubbed down and wrapped up. Then I had to unwrap and stick it on this contraption to drop it into the hot oil. Three turkeys later, I don't care it I ever touch another raw bird in my life. I am so over it.

Other than the whole raw meat thing, the day went off without a hitch. The food was good, and I had my timing down perfectly yesterday. It is either way out of whack or just right, and yesterday was definitely just right. I impressed myself. But I must admit that I impress myself every Thanksgiving. I still cannot believe that I am capable of preparing a meal of that magnitude. Or that I actually want to. And every Thanksgiving, I realize that I never take pictures. Why is that? It is like the one holiday I don't have any pictures of. Maybe it is because I am actually hosting the event. But still, you would think that I could handle snapping a few photos being the amazing super-woman I am today.

So the kids went home with my parents, and I hit a couple of stores this morning. Not at the crack of dawn. I waited until 9:00 to go, and I think I can say that I am done with Madalyn and at least have a few things for David now. He is so difficult to buy for this year. Seven is a weird age. Too big for most toys but not quite old enough for some of the things he would like to have. Anyway - tree is up and lights are on it and star is atop. But no ornaments yet, and no other decorations out in the house. Just boxes every where and fake pine needles in every corner of the house. I wish I could wiggle my nose and have it all be done. I enjoy the decorations once they're up, but the process is so messy and time consuming. Especially the ornaments on the tree - I have to look at each one and think about where I got it or what it represents or whatever. I am such a sap, I know.

I am thoroughly exhausted but excited to have Thanksgiving festivities down and Christmas fast approaching. And I am excited to have not one but two nights of peace and quiet as my kids are staying the night at my parents' house tonight again. Is this a dream??


RunnerMom said...

Wow, I am definitely impressed! That fried turkey sounds good! We had that one year and it was delish. This year I was assigned paper products--napkins, plates (the good Chinet ones), and cups. Sounds like we had vastly different Thanksgiving preparation levels!

I hope you are out of your funk (from the last post)--it sounds like you are! Having a wonderful Thanksgiving and getting to work on the Christmas decorations kid-free did the trick I guess!

I've had zero Christmas spirit as well. Too much going on. Tonight to get into the spirit, the kids and I selected an angel off the tree at Wal-mart and shopped for him. I have only bought two gifts for MY family so far, so I have LOTS to do, but I wanted to be sure to make time to help someone less fortunate. It kind of got me into the spirit. Just a little.

I liked your Trading Spouses idea for the tv show! That's the only way my hubby will get on there because I just don't have it in me!

carrie said...

I am impressed! There is no way I would know how to do all of that! I am glad things went well.