Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Thoughts

So, I have a few minutes of peace right now. So why not blog? Could be doing things I need to do, but what would be the sense in that? I am about to clean my carpets upstairs. Today is just the perfect day for that sort of thing. The air is nice and dry, and I can get away with leaving the windows open all day.

We have our final baseball tournament this Saturday in Cullman, Alabama. I am ready to get on with things. I am all sported out right now. I do love baseball the most of all the sports we have participated in, but at this stage in the game, I am more than ready for a reprieve from it all. David found out one of his buddies is playing basketball the other night and got all bent out of shape with me. He'll get over it. He'll have to. I should have said, "Okay, buddy. You can play basketball, but that will knock about $150 off your Christmas this year. Still want to play?" He just doesn't understand. And don't get me wrong; I am glad he doesn't understand the burdens of bills and money and life at his age. But this is not a limitless pot of money around here. And between the fees to play and new shoes for the basketball court, it would run us around $150 to play. And I just don't want to spend any more money on his athletic endeavors this year. Did I mention that the bat we purchased him for the fall season of baseball already has a crack in it? So we had to buy him another one. We will be sending it back to the manufacturer since it is well within its first year warranty. But still. What happened to good old metal bats kids used to hit with? Now they are composite material, which is another term for costs too much and doesn't last as long.

I am anxiously counting the days for my trip to the South of Florida to visit my dearest friend in the whole world Erika!! I leave next Friday and will return home on Sunday. Gosh, it is such a quick trip, and I really wish my circumstances here would permit me to stay longer. Much longer. Heck, if I were to stay any longer, I may not want to return home at all. It will be so nice to get away from here. Does that sound ugly? I hope it doesn't. I just need a break. Not from any one thing in particular, just from it all. I have so many things going on in my mind, and I am really looking forward to some quiet time on the plane all by myself. I do love to be by myself. Of course, I am looking most forward to being able to sit down face to face with my bestest friend and talk and just do normal friend things. Not chat on Gmail. Not email back and forth. But actually be able to see her and talk to her. And meet some of her new friends that I have heard so much about. And see her bathroom renovation. And just be friends. It will be so nice.

Okay. Off to steam clean. The joys and thrills.


Chelle said...

I am so jealous that you get to spend time with Erika. Have a drink for me ;)

SuZ said...

Could you come clean my carpets while you're at it?? :)

Erika said...

Yay! Only a week! Sometime though, we will have to do a girl's weekend and invite a bunch of people.

Rebecca said...

A weekend away is always great!!!!