Monday, November 3, 2008

I am Crazy Mama, and I approved this message.

My fellow Americans, the time has come for change. The time is near. We must all pull together, my friends, and work together for the better good of mankind. I look forward to a brighter day - a day when all Americans can rise up and face the day WITH NO POLITICAL ADS ON TV.

Oh yes, my friends, one more day of these ridiculous political campaign ads full of promises and sound bites and accusations that really mean nothing at all. I am so glad this process is almost over. I am really to the point that I can't even be concerned about the outcome. Whoever wins just wins. And whatever will be will be. For most, our day to day will not change. The economy is a mess anyway. Health care will probably never really change. The rich will continue to get richer, and the poor will continue to get poorer, and Democrats and Republicans will continue to bicker about it all. And I will just keep pumping on through. Just keep on trying to make it through my own life and let the big wigs figure out all the other stuff. Let's face it; none of that really makes a difference in the grand scheme. No matter who is elected tomorrow, I will still wake up the same way I do every day. I will still do the same things I do every day. I will still have the same struggles and joys. But everyone should go and vote tomorrow. Everyone. It is just such a basic and fundamental liberty and duty. Our system really is wonderful and fascinating despite the fact that we have managed to screw it up so badly along the way.

I had a great weekend. Well, a good weekend. We went to eat here on Saturday night. A place where there is no kid's menu and the prices have no dollar signs beside them - just one number off to the side. Scott was like, "I don't see any prices." And I said, "That's them there off to right side." He was appalled. They were high. But who cares!! We had a coupon, and we had no kids!!And let me tell you all - all two of you that actually read my blog - it was the best food I have ever put in my mouth. I enjoyed every single bite. I would take another thinking it couldn't possibly be as good as the last, and it just kept tasting better and better. I could definitely get used to eating like that.

All that being said, I consumed an enormous amount of food this weekend. And I have an extra couple of pounds on the scale to prove it. So, it's back on track today. I will go through withdrawals today, I'm sure. And I will be starving all day. But I have to regain some control over my eating. It is amazing how just a couple of days of poor eating makes all my cravings come back full force and I could just eat the whole house. And the Halloween candy does not help at all!!!! But I can do it. I can get myself back on the straight and narrow again, and I really need to get some exercise on a more frequent basis. Anyway...

One more thing before I go - a big Happy Birthday to Kristin!! It was Sunday, if my memory serves me right!! Hope you had a great day!


Chelle said...

I share your feelings about the election process-I am sooo over the ads and the recorded phone messages and the crap that has been littering my mailbox. at this point, whoever wins is going to have an uphill battle to fix the economy, the health care system, our country's reputation, etc. I have no earthly idea why anyone would want to run for president.

On a different note, I wish it hadn't taken you two years to comment-I could have found you sooner :)

RunnerMom said...

Hey, Mrs. Mama. Or can I call you Crazy? (smile) I'm glad you and your husband got to have a night without kids in a fancy place with no high chairs/booster seats in sight! That's the best.

I laughed when I read your Halloween post about them eating the candy. "I obviously have no control over them." Join the club! Mine ate a ton on the hayride we had, too. (It was a redneck Halloween Tennessee-style--being pulled in a small trailer covered in hay by a four-wheeler.)

Later at home we used the "let us check your candy for razor blades" thing to snag our favorites out when they weren't looking---I *heart* Nerds and hubby *hearts* Reese's Peanut Butter cups. I let them eat and eat and as of today, it's all gone!! Yea. And we have the dentist on Thursday. Uh oh.

Erika said...

I actually just got a call from the Republican party. At my work! I didn't take it, but they asked for me personally. I think we should do away with the parties all together and just have independants.

Oops, I just realized this is the wrong entry. O well.