Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Loser

So the saying goes, "Second place is first place loser." We came in second place in our final tournament for the fall. I don't really know how to type out the sound I am making with my mouth, so just imagine me sticking my tongue out and making a pooting sound at the same time.

Our little guys played so hard yesterday. We went into the tournament with no losses and nine or ten wins. Their first game was at high noon, and it was against a team we had already played and beaten a few times at other tournaments. We knew they really wanted to beat us the most, but they were again unsuccessful. Then we faced a new team we had never seen, and they came out of the gate hitting the ball so hard that it stunned our boys. Really - it completely rattled them, and they lost their first game. Then we played our third game - back to back games. Yes, my friends, our little Bandits played three games back to back. And the third game we had to play the team again that had just beat us. But our boys were able to gather their composure and pull that one through. So that left us down to the final game for second or first place. We played yet another team we had never seen before from Mississippi. And they were good. Really good. They out hit us. They out fielded us. And they beat us. Second place. First loser.

I hated to see our guys lose. I hated to end the fall season on a losing note. But we are still good. And come to find out, the team that won first place is one that must move up to the eight year old bracket in the spring. Our team of six and seven year olds held their own against a team of seven and eight year olds. In fact, we were only three points away from the win. They played with all their heart, and they never gave up. David had an awesome catch of a pop-up foul ball just off the first baseline. It was sweet. And one of our boys got an in park home run in the last game. Can anyone tell I LOVE BASEBALL???

The all time funniest part of the day is people watching of course. And I know that there are really all kinds of folks in our fine world. But the team from Mississippi literally had seven coaches. And most of them were wearing camouflage on some part of their body. The first base coach was wearing a camo jacket while coaching the runners, and I am not so sure that was a great idea. Do you want to blend in with the environment around you while base coaching? Are you hiding from someone? Are you going directly from the field to the woods to get you an eight pointer? Not quite sure why camo was the fashion choice of the day on the baseball field. And the first team that beat us had a girl on the team. And every single time David hit the ball, he hit it straight to her. And she fielded like a fourteen year old boy. Maybe better. I didn't like her. Probably because she played better ball than my son, and there's nothing more irritating than a girl outdoing your son on the field. Unless, of course, it is your son's sister, and then it would be funny.

There was a team on a field that backed up to ours that had a big sound system shaped like a rocket ship. Seriously. You guys would not believe the money some of these teams invest in stuff like this. And they were having a ball. They had the tunes cranked up and the bass down low, and they were rocking the park. During the actual play time of the game, we couldn't hear the music. But while the teams were switching places - one going onto the field and the others going to bat - we enjoyed the music. We (the moms) all got so tickled during one of the lulls and all sang along to "You Dropped the Bomb on Me." You just can't get any better than that. I did threaten to get up and perform the Electric Slide at one point, but it was really too cold to come out from under my quilt.

It really has been a fun time watching my boy play ball. Of course, I could watch him clip his fingernails and still be amazed by him. He is such an amazing boy. Maybe it's the whole firstborn thing, but I am more amazed by him than I am by Madalyn. I think it has something to do with his thoughtfulness too. He is just so serious about things. He loves to learn new things. He enjoys a challenge. And I have truly enjoyed watching him grow and learn and emerge into a wonderful little boy so full of life and energy and optimism. He is certainly not a first place loser to me, no matter what the outcome of any tournament might be.

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