Friday, November 21, 2008


I think (as I knock on wood) that I am beginning to get better. I don't know what the heck kind of illness I picked up in my travels - nasty airplanes - but it was absolutely horrible. I am glad my fever was so high and I went to the doctor when I did because the coughing and chest congestion got so much worse in the days that followed. At least I was already on some strong antibiotics to keep it from getting to bad in my chest. Today is the first day I awoke with no aches in my body, and I am so grateful to feel more like myself.

So, finally, about my trip! I always feel weird when I travel. Well, I guess I always feel weird when I get out of the house, which sounds really strange, I know. But when you pretty much stay in your little nest, you kinda forget there is a whole professional world out there buzzing and spinning out of control. And believe me, I am thankful to not be buzzing and spinning with them. Friday morning at the airport, I found myself surrounded by what appeared to be mostly business women and men, cell phone glued to their ears and laptops open with eyes peeled to the screen. And there I sit with my smutty magazine in my lap fixing my lip gloss. Sure I have worries and concerns - there is never enough money to run our household (nor will there ever be), I have no idea what my kids will leave the house looking like over the next 48 hours nor what food they will consume, and there is always the looming concern that maybe, just maybe, a terrorist might be on my plane to Tampa in hopes to take us all down. But none of these worries require me to be glued to a cell phone or laptop nor walk around with either pretending to be more important than I really am. That was just my general observation for the entire time I was in any of the airports. People truly enjoy making others feel they are more important than they really are. Look at me - I am talking loudly on a cell phone with my handy-dandy blue tooth whilst looking at this computer screen at something that is ultra-important. You know the type - they are everywhere you go. And here I am, smiling and sitting and just thinking, "Thank God I never got sucked into that world."

I was glad to see Erika. Like actually see her. We so seldom do see each other face to face. We had some good quality friend time chatting and sipping coffee. We went to the Cirque du Soleil that evening, which I must admit was a little weird. I felt stupid for a good portion of it because I really couldn't understand what the plot of the whole deal was supposed to be. I know that is not the focus of the show, but I could tell there was some sort of story line, and it just aggravated me that I could not for the life of me follow it. Some of the things - no all of the things - these people can do with their bodies is nothing short of a miracle. And I was glad to finally have gotten to see it. Of course what trip to Ft. Lauderdale would complete without a trip to a bar, so we headed out after the show to drink and behave like idiots. But I really didn't care as I felt certain there were only two people in the crowd I would definitely ever see again - Erika and Larry. It was fun but exhausting. I won't even say what time we went to bed.

Saturday was a tough day, as I felt like crap from travel and the late night and what I now know was the beginning of an illness. We watched Grey's and later spent a day perusing an outdoor mall and eating the best hamburger I have ever had in my life. I got to spend a little time with the kids that night, and I must admit that Shey is possibly the cutest little boy in the world. The first thing the kids had to say about me was, "You talk like Grandmommy." Why, yes. Yes I do. Good observation. And Shey had some difficulty with my name and insisted that it was Karen. Sometimes he called me Camera. Little does he know, I will pretty much answer to anything that somewhat resembles my name. Peyton is a shy one, and really didn't know what to think about me. I can totally understand that, because if I were a little boy from South Florida and a chick showed up at my door that was like me, I wouldn't really know what to think about me either.

By Sunday morning, I knew I was sick, and I was so wanting to be at home lying on my couch snuggled up in a blanket. I am hopelessly a homebody. I could never be one that travels the world (though I don't think there are any fears of that happening anyway). I just like the comforts of home - your own bed, your comfy blankets, your normal noises of your house that you just get used to. It is just home. No matter how crazy my house gets or how much my kids and husband get on my nerves, it is mine, nonetheless, and I do love it. Kinda. Anyway.

The trip probably doesn't sound all that exciting to most who read the account. But it means the world to me to get to go and be a part of my best friend's world if only for a short time. The same best friend with whom I used to sit and plan our lives - we just knew we would both live in Montgomery forever, and we would live next door to each other once we got married. Hmmm. Didn't work out exactly as we planned. But does anything ever? But here we are today, hundreds of miles apart, and still the best of friends. It's a different kind of friendship than I ever expected it to be, but it has grown and shifted to cover the span of mileage between us. And I am so grateful for it.


Chelle said...

I am so jealous. Not of the getting sick part, obviously but; I would give anything to meet Erika is "the real world". Hopefully, someday, the three of us could get together. I wouldn't even mind getting sick. Really :)

Erika said...

I can' believe that you were here and gone already. I can't believe I spent the last 4 days in the bed either. Blech. We will definitely have to plan a girl's weekend sometime in the near future.