Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't Hate

Okay, everyone. Don't hate me because tomorrow I will be well on my way to visit with one of the coolest chicks I know, Erika. And don't get upset that I will be joining her and her group of friends to see this show. Jealousy and envy are both sins, so it also would not be nice of you to envy the fact that I get to spend the day with Erika on Saturday doing all sorts of friend stuff that we never get to do like shopping, talking face to face, eating delicious food, sipping adult beverages. You should all be happy for me.

Really. You should.

Remember - I don't get out of the house much. So you can only imagine how excited I am about this outing.

I will try to convince Erika (it probably won't take much twisting of the arm) to do a joint post to update all our blogger friends of how much fun we are having. I am sure you will all be on the edge of your seats checking for updates every ten minutes or so. I am so sure.


Erika said...

One word. YAY!

Rebecca said...

Have a great time!

RunnerMom said...

I'm feeling envious already!

RunnerMom said...

Oh my, I think Grey's Anatomy just jumped the shark! Worst. episode. ever. (and not much good coming up next week it looks like!) Thoughts?

carrie said...

Enjoy yourself! I know the 2 of you will have a great time!