Monday, October 27, 2008

Light Hearted Post

I realize that my posts have been a little on the deep side lately. So here's a good, old-fashioned, light hearted, Crazy Mama post for my old faithfuls. Wait - do I have any old faithful readers? I'll do it anyway...

Finally got around to watching the latest Grey's Anatomy episode last night. A few days late, mind you, but leave it to football season to jack up my TV watching. My neighbor and I currently hold four shows in our repertoire: Grey's, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and Private Practice. I know, I know. It is a lot. But we have held down the fort pretty well with all of them - until now. We are in the rears something terrible. We didn't watch a show last week. She's been working a little extra, and we were both inhibited by Auburn's attempt at playing some college football on Thursday night. We both looked at each other during the third quarter and said, "We really should have watched Grey's tonight."

Anywho - we decided last night to watch Grey's, and that we would probably have to do some solo viewing this week to catch up on the other shows. I am glad to see that the writers will finally allow Izzie and Alex to rekindle their love/hate relationship. I mean, that was a big plot theme in the very first season I think. It will be interesting to see how that evolves. And George - poor George. He just needs to grow a pair. Maybe he should look into those hormone shots to make him more fierce and sure of himself. And Meredith and Derek (how do you spell his name???), they are becoming more and more like a real relationship. They get along for an episode then fight for an episode. But at least they are staying together. But next week is when things will really heat up as Yang's rugged military man returns and she can blow off a little steam of her own. It's been a while since Burke hit the road, and I think she ready to move on.

If you didn't understand what I was talking about in this post, it means you don't watch enough TV,and I prescribe you stop what you are doing and run to your nearest video rental store and grab the disc sets of all previous seasons of Grey's. Hide out in your home and watch until your eyes burn or fall out from crying. Then tune in every Thursday for the drama. You just can't put a value on drama that is interesting but not your own. Know what I mean? Drama that is not real but seems real enough to captivate you. May sound pathetic to some, but it gets me through the mundane business of laundry and spelling words. Gives me and my neighbor a little something to look forward to and some good ole' girl time. And there's nothing wrong with that in my book.


Erika said...

Yay for girl time! I was so proud of Bailey for sticking up for Meredith and Derek actually listening to her about the whole Shepherd Method. I would like to see the show let them be happy. What's wrong with happy? Oh, and I LOVE Izie and Alex. Izie is much more likable this season.

NB said...

Thanks Tamara for the comments on our blog, we appreciate.
I miss your running blog, tho I sort of understand your reasons . Again you might not be able to run fast, or at all, theres always walking.
Good luck with the weightloss journey, yes thats our goal for 2008-2009.
We will keep in touch.

RunnerMom said...

I watch the same shows except for Brothers and Sisters. I really like Private Practice. I'm kind of over Desperate Housewives this season. It's not as lighthearted and every relationship is so dysfunctional. It almost depresses me to watch it!

I would add Gossip Girl to the list of must watch TV! I know I'm way too old, but it is a guilty pleasure.

I also like the comedies Samantha Who, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and The Office. And you thought you watched too much tv???