Thursday, October 30, 2008

High School Musical 3

My kids love the High School Musical movies. I don't even know how David first discovered them because he typically watches Nickelodeon stuff. But somehow, these kids these days just discover things on their own. They must telepathically transport information from one brain to another as they pass in the hallways at school. So he loves it. There is a little diva in him, though I must admit that scares me. But with the fine dramatic talents of his mother and all (ahem... Best Actress two years in a row in high school myself - granted, it was a very small high school, and it was really my only talent, but it was so much fun... I digress in parenthesis a lot), he really can't help but be attracted to the dancing and the singing and the acting. All that said, he loves the movies, and of course his sister does too because her brother does.

So, we joined some friends at the movie theatre on Tuesday afternoon for a viewing of High School Musical 3. Cause that's just what normal folks get to do when they don't have football practice every day. David was so excited he could barely contain himself. After viewing HSM 2, he perfected the knee slide. You know - running and sliding across the carpet on both knees, then bouncing up and doing some more dancing and repeating the knee slide. He got really good at it, and we had the holey kneed pants in the trash can to prove it. So I was a little apprehensive about what new move he would add to his repertoire after viewing HSM 3. But I should have been more worried about my little girl.

For those of you that don't know, the main characters of the movie and plot line are Gabrielle and Troy. Of course Troy is the high school jock - star basketball player with perfectly quaffed hair and flawless complection. He lead his high school basketball team to two state championships without a single zit and stole the heart of the equally perfect Gabrielle in the meantime. And I mustn't forget the softer side of Troy; he dances and sings with effortless grace.

At one point in the movie, I turned to other two moms I was with and said, "Should we really allow our girls to watch this stuff?" There are no Troys in real life. There were no Troys in my high school. The boys were (and still are) clueless. They sweat immensely, and they stank and had zits on their face because of it. None of them danced and sang, especially not to or with a girl. And it just doesn't work out the way it does in these movies, you know. All perfect and sweet and beautiful. High school is full of heart break and confusion and awkwardness. Not Troy and Gabrielle singing to one another in the tree house about how they just want to be together.

I kept looking back at my kids, watching them with mouths open and eyes glued to the mystical world on the screen. Do you tell them, "Dude - it is sooooo not that way." Or do you just let them figure it out on their own like all of the ones before them have. Life is no song and dance. And certainly not with Troy.

But I will admit the one part that got to me. Troy was all out of sorts. Gabrielle had been accepted to some program at Stanford and was not going to be able to attend the prom with him. Heartache. So I turned again to my fellow mothers there and told them, "Heck. I'll take one for the team. Troy, I will take you to your prom." He is hot. I know I'm old, but Troy is still hot, whether real or not.


Erika said...

I'll have to rent the first one. I bet Shey would love it.

Rebecca said...

I rented the first one this past weekend and made Brent watch it with me. I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. I liked it. It made me miss our musical production that all of the clubs put on at Faulkner each year. I am a sucker for some singing and choreography! I now need to go rent HSM 2 to see what happens next!

SuZ said...

Ha ha ha... I tried to watch the 2nd one the other night and couldn't get through it. Who knows why...