Monday, October 6, 2008


Who ever thought a weekend of absolutely nothing would turn out to be so amazing? I could definitely do that every weekend. It will probably be another year before we get a weekend just like that, however. I have not left my house since Friday evening when I pulled into the garage from football practice. And I haven't been bored or felt like I needed to escape. We just had such a great weekend doing what we ordinarily cannot do - relax. I did a few chores, like vacuuming the pool and cleaning up all the pool toys and putting them away for the winter. But other than that and a little laundry, it was just all relaxation. And the only ones who got on my nerves were my children. But that's completely normal; they always get on my nerves no matter what we are doing. Hey - at least I am honest.

Another amazing occurrence this weekend was the conviction of OJ Simpson of armed robbery. And the irony that the conviction came down thirteen years to the date of his not guilty verdict for the murder of his estranged wife. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? I know the two cases are completely unrelated. But I can't help but think the idiot finally got what was coming to him. I don't think you will find many people out there who don't believe he had something to do with the brutal murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend. Kind of hard to not believe it knowing the abusive nature of their relationship and all the evidence that was presented during the case. And now we have his agent who has come forward and written a book exposing how OJ's inner circle helped him get away with murder, including the confession that OJ was told not to take his arthritis medication so that his hands would swell and the infamous gloves would not fit. I just think about what kind of child OJ might have been. I wonder if his parents ever dreamed that he would turn out the way he did. So much talent. So much wasted over the past two decades. I wonder what things in his life attributed most to his demise. What makes one believe that it is okay to strike the mother of your children? What makes one believe that it is okay to go into a hotel room with guns and men and take property, whether you believe it to be your property or not? I would love to know how the downfall began. Was the emphasis of his life what he could do on the football field and not out in the fields of the world? I don't understand how you reach that point, and I must admit that his story fascinates me. I just hope as a mother that I focus on all aspects of my children. And I feel I do. I feel that I challenge David to be of strong character not just a strong throwing arm. It is just such a sad situation. And now the great football legend will most likely spend the rest of his days behind bars.

I guess it just all goes to show that you have to make the most of each day as a parent. Whether it is a lazy weekend or busy week juggling school and practice and everything else. And that is what I try to do - despite the fact my kids get on my nerves from time to time. I try to take each day and find something new to instill in my kids. Little lessons along the way that are so vital when you are an adult. When David says, "But I don't want to do that." I respond with, "There will plenty of thing in your life you won't want to do. But you do them anyway." When Madalyn is sassy with me and tells me, "NO!!" Then I have to take the opportunity to explain that she does not speak to anyone in that way and she has to obey. I just hope I can get through to them. I just hope they are learning everything they need to learn. I just hope that when they are in their sixties, they are spending their time planning retirement, not sting operations with guns to get back an autographed football.


RunnerMom said...

I was an 8th grade teacher 13 years ago when OJ got off. I remember how excited the kids were to hear the verdice. It was like, "ANARCHY!!" They figured he was guilty but wanted in their immature adolecent way to see him go free. I'm glad he got what was coming to him finally!

Terri said...

I was saying to my husband the other night - what happened to OJ - he changed so much over the last 15 years or so - wow, how quickly and how far some can fall.

I remember clearly the day when that not guilty verdict came in - it was the only time in law school that they wheeled TVs into my (coincidentally) Evidence Class.