Friday, September 12, 2008

This could be a long day...

My stomach is bubbling and churning and burning as though something big is about to happen. Everywhere I go, people are dropping like flies around me with this horrid stomach virus. Last night at football practice, we watched as a player vomited profusely on the field. The entire group of boys moved back into a pack watching him. The coach held his arms out like a barricade blocking them from the germy carnage. Oh dear.

I hate the stomach bug. It is my least favorite of the nasty childhood illnesses that come into the home. And today, I am hoping that this feeling in my gut is from all the anti-inflammatory meds I have been taking for my shin and not from a volcanic eruption brewing inside. And despite the way I feel, I have to cut the back yard today. And go to Walmart. And deal with Madalyn. And get both the kids hair cut. And go to football practice. Basically, act as though I feel fabulous when I really don't.

This will definitely be a long day.


Erika said...

I knock and knock and knock on wood that we have never had the stomach virus in our house. The haircuts can wait!

RunnerMom said...

Hey, Woman! Three things:
1. I hope that burbling never amounted to anything because that's exactly how mine started. I wonder if that's why you haven't posted lately? My two-year-old was the only one spared in our house.
2. I remember feeling hungry on WW about the first 2 weeks and then I guess my stomach shrunk. Oh, and your post made me hungry. It's bedtime, but in a show of solidarity I will forego my much-anticipated bowl of Special K.
3. Your post down below about Salvia reminded me of that awesome new Kid Rock song that samples "Sweet Home Alabama" and says "...we were trying different things and we were smoking funny things...." Maybe they were smoking salvia. LOL!

carrie said...

I hope you did not get sick! I hate the stomach virus. How has Erika managed to keep it out of her house?