Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I saw a disturbing thing on the Today Show this morning. That doesn't sound any different from any other day, really, so I guess I should say that I saw something incredibly disturbing. And I was still waking up and ironing a pair of pants at the same time (oh, and drinking my coffee), so I am not sure how accurately my mind remembers the segment. Apparently, people are smoking salvia these days.


My initial thought was, "As in purple salvia or pink salvia that anyone can purchase at any garden center across America??!!??" And I am still unsure if there is a difference between the smoking kind and the planting kind of salvia. My mind did not retain that info. But what was so bewildering was watching video footage of a young twenty-something smoking the herbal substance and his reaction to it. Disturbing to say the least. He went into a fit of laughter and looked as though he couldn't figure out where or who or what he was. (If you want to be as disturbed as I was, just google "salvia" and you will find numerous videos on YouTube of people's reactions to it.) I just can't comprehend what in the world someone is thinking smoking salvia. Who was the dumb ass (pardon my language, but there is really no other term appropriate) that decided to crush up the flower in mom's garden and put it in a pipe and smoke it? Did he run out of weed? Was he bored? Having a particularly bad day? Just wanted to see what it was like to smoke a flower?!?!? What the hell kind of people do this? And what can I do to assure that my two kids will not be one these dumb asses nor associate with anyone that stupid?

I guess the purpose of the segment was to raise awareness across the nation that kids are smoking salvia. There have been numerous deaths across the country. Several states are working on or have already banned the use and sale of salvia. And I am left so utterly disturbed by the whole deal that I really do not know what to say. Is there anything in this world that someone can't figure out how to use it to get high? And this comes from a person who enjoys a cocktail or beer. But I cannot understand wanting to feel so far removed from my life that I would want to be as out of it as this dude was after smoking this stuff. Weird and wacky world we live in.


We live in a truly disturbing time. And I guess it is the same old stuff that people have been doing for centuries now. Just what they do grows and changes. And the methods of communicating about it have changed. The click of a mouse enables anyone to learn how, what, when, where to do and get what they want. This crazy automatic society that I want to know how to shield my son and daughter from. I want to know how to shield myself from it. I am so thankful I made it through my early life virtually unscathed. A little banged up, but I never did anything that left a permanent scar on my body or my psyche.

I am telling you guys, I am disturbed today.

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Erika said...

I kept reading that as Saliva and I couldn't wrap my head around how you would smoke that! and then you mentioned pink or purple and I was really confused. ha ha It's like the kids huffing the computer cleaner, the oxygen stuff. Seriously, this is why I want to stay home when my kids get older.