Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Painfully Apparent...

It has become painfully apparent that David is not a football player. And it is even more painful to his mom to have to take him to practice like ALL THE TIME and know that he is uncomfortable and not enjoying himself and just, in general, not doing a good job. But the good news is that we have three games down and five left to go. I pray that he will not want to play football again. I am so not a football mom. I am a baseball mom. I get baseball - get excited about it. I understand it, I can follow it, and I like it. Football - not so much. And I look around at all the other moms who are so into it and seem to understand what is going on. Then I look back out there on the field and all I can see is a bunch of little kids running around jumping on top of each other. Am I watching the same game they are? Where is the instant replay, slow motion and zoom lens? Because that is the only hope of me understanding what in the world is going on out there - a televised broadcast, with beer and snacks to boot.

Anyways... My churning and bubbling and brewing lasted about three days and didn't really amount to much. No all out stomach bug. But I do think we had just a touch of something. David and Madalyn both complained of their stomachs bothering them, and then David and I both have ulcers in our mouth, which to me always points to the fighting off of a virus of some sort. So all is well around here - but for the football.

I don't mean to harp on the subject, but I am just struggling right now with spending so much time doing something that is so unenjoyable to me. And it isn't like my son is crying and generally hating life because of football. That is just not his nature. He is doing a stand up job getting through and maintaining a positive attitude about things. But he is scared out there on the field. And I can't say that I blame him. I mean, if you put me in a set of pads and then shoved me out there on the field and told me to hit somebody, I would politely bow out. No thanks. It goes against everything we are taught from the very beginning of life. It goes against sheer common sense and rationale. And I feel a little guilty for even giving him the option of playing, though I know he would be beyond angry if he had not been given the chance to play and realized that all his baseball friends are playing. Whatever. And everyone is telling me, "Oh, he needs to play another year before he decides he doesn't like it." I don't agree. I tried squash once. Guess what? I didn't like it. And I didn't need a second taste to know that.

Anywho - I am getting my hair cut today, and I so excited!! Hopefully we will do something really cute and sassy. My hair has gotten so boring, and it seems all I do with it is pull it in an pony tail. So, let's cut it just short enough that I can't get it in a pony tail and that should solve all the world's problems. As far as the Weight Watchers goes, I think I am doing well. I had a rough day on Saturday where I just didn't want to be held accountable. So I kinda took a little break, but I didn't go overboard. I am so glad my neighbor is doing it with me. Having done it before and been to meetings her first go around, she knows a lot more about the process than I do and has been a real encouragement to me. We weigh in on Thursday, and I really expect another one to two pounds to be gone. Or at least they better be. I better not be this hungry for no reason.

Off to football practice tonight - I will be all smiles and giggles, you can bet on it.

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