Monday, September 8, 2008

Hit the Road

For those of you who are not personally privy to how crazy this mama really is, we are doing travel baseball along with football this fall. I know, I know. TOO MUCH. Trust me - I know it first hand. It has been a grueling fall season thus far with four days of practice with football and two days of practice for baseball. Anyone who completed the first grade realizes that leaves only one day for doing nothing at all. Yesterday, we played our first tournament for baseball (we have four on the schedule this fall). It was a one day tournament at the Millbrook Softball Complex near my old stomping grounds of Montgomery. It was neat to be so close to where my heart still calls home. And it was so cool to see our boys, who are so extremely talented on the baseball field, all come together and play their first tournament!!

First of all, we are making the big switch this fall from tee ball to coach pitch. And I was nervous about how our boys would hit the ball. We haven't had much practice, but no one could tell as all our boys made great contact with the ball. And one of our kids made his first real home run - sailed it right over the fence!! It was awesome to see the team pile up around him, cheering him into home plate. It sent chills all over me - despite the fact he wasn't my own, my eyes teared up because it was just the signal that we are playing real baseball now. The real deal. And these boys, all of them, are true athletes. They may be little, but they can sling that ball around the bases and make plays like you have never seen!! And they swept the tournament - our first win!! I am a little excited about baseball. Can you tell???

A few lessons learned from our first travel tournament. We will need a case of water per day. We packed a cooler but did not have enough water and Gatorade for the whole day. And next time, I will make sandwiches and pack them in the cooler as well. The ball park is not exactly what I would call "points friendly". We'll just chalk yesterday up to a lesson in living with Weight Watchers. No harm, no foul. The funniest thing is that all day, I really held back and didn't eat much at all. I thought I was doing well. But when I came home and entered everything into the computer, I was shocked. And if I had eaten as much as I normally do, I probably would have had a coronary. Anyways - that's exactly why I think this approach will be successful. I need a good solid program to follow and reprogram my brain with. Like this morning, I measured out my cereal and milk, and it was quite depressing. But that is exactly why I have gained weight! I mean, you can't eat aimlessly without any limits and expect to look fabulous, you know?

Another lesson learned - take deodorant and reapply during the day. An entire day in the sun and heat in Alabama in early September - need I say any more? I don't think I have ever been so glad to get a shower in all my life. Ever.

I'll share a few pictures with you guys tomorrow or later today. I have so much to do today!! And I am already hungry again, so I have to go find a point-friendly snack. Good luck to me...

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