Friday, September 26, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

My heart beats once more... The highly anticipated season premiere of Grey's Anatomy was fabulous last night. The whirlwind of emotions... the drama... the laughter... the tears. Somehow, those writers manage to compile it into two hours and fifty-five commercial breaks. Unbelievable work of artistry.

I really wish I had a more riveting life of my own. Maybe then I wouldn't be so freaking fascinated with a TELEVISION SHOW. Because I do have to remind myself that it is only a show. That Meredith and Derek's relationship doesn't really exist. And I really have to believe that doctors don't allow that many people to die at their hands on a daily basis. But I just can't help myself... I have become enthralled in the lives of these pretend doctors. And I must admit, I was drawn to tears at some point in the show last night - I believe it was when Izzy (is it Izzy or Izzie... I don't know) told the woman who had the brain bleed that her husband was on his way and should be there any minute despite the fact she knew he was dead. She knew the lady would not remember, so she lied to her to make her happy. It got me. The tears just flowed. And once they start, well, they just keep on coming.

But what really got me the most was the very end when they preview for the next show and reveal that it will be in TWO WEEKS. What kind of work ethic do these people have?? I mean they have been off for the entire summer. What the heck? I would rather have had one hour this week and one hour next week than to have to wait two weeks for the next episode. But what am I going to do about it? Refuse to watch anymore? I think not.

So, this just goes to show that my life has reached an all time low when I devote an entire post of my blog to nonexistent people on a television show that only requires its actors to work every other week.

And I love it.


TV said...

Well, in defense of actors, making this kind of TV is a serious grind and to be fair the actor's certainly don't dictate the shooting schedule...but leaving aside a defense of the poor actor for the moment, I was touched by your hand wringing about being TOO into the show. You. Are. Not. Alone...!!!! Lots--like lots and lots--of people feel the same way you do about these characters. Nothing wrong with it. That's what entertainment is for. To take our minds off of whatever it is you're dealing with. Check out this facebook page and take comfort
It's a really fun site.

Rebecca said...

I was right there with you last night. How did you like how they tricked us with the previews thinking what's her name was going to have Derrick's baby. I was also surprised with the icicle piercing Christina. WOW! And, (you got me going now) the military guy used to be in the show Journeyman that Brent and I liked, so I was glad to see him on there. Your post has allowed me to express my thoughts seeing as no one else in my world cares about the show. THANKS!

RunnerMom said...

I enjoyed it last night, too! I loved the sexual tension between Christina and the big hunky Army doc. I'm over Derrick and Mer, though. And was something different going on with Meredith's mouth?

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