Friday, August 22, 2008

This Week, In Highlights

Yet another busy and productive week gone by in the Blair household. Though we have finished our second full week of school, I still find myself thinking every night, "Oh. David has school in the morning." For some reason, I just can't get used to the idea this year. Summer is easier than the school year for so many reasons, the biggest of which would have to be not having to truly function before 7:00 in the morning. But anyway...

Also, another week of football practice complete. I feel like a kid with my little paper chain counting down the days until football is over. I really don't like the overall atmosphere of football (or my son playing it, I should say), but I have to keep on a good face and be positive about it anyway for my child and for the other parents around (seeing as I am one of the team moms and all). But I have to admit, I feel like falling down in the middle of that football field and pitching a fit and declaring that I want to quit. I have seen several of the children do it this season, but not yet a parent. I don't know exactly how the coaches would respond, but I am sure it would be similar to the response the children get: "You must honor your commitments. You signed up to play, and you must fulfill that commitment. Though you have no general understanding of the sport, typically cannot pick your child out in the pack of twenty five other helmets, can't seem to ever follow the ball with your eyes, or name all the coaches on the field, you will show up to practice every day." And so, I will go. But I don't have to like it. And I am not sold that David likes it either. He says he likes it, but when asked if he will play again, he gives a hesitant, "I don't know." What is the opposite of love? Ambivalence.

And mom and Madalyn have made it through another week with all appendages in tact. We have both had a rough go of things since brother has gone back to school. Madalyn because she has no internal clock as of yet and cannot determine the difference between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. I swear, some mornings we walk him to school and ten minutes later she will ask if it's time to get budder. And then continue to ask me sporadically throughout the day, especially if I tell her we need to go somewhere. I will tell her, "Get dressed. We need to go to the store and..." And she will complete the thought, "And go get budder?" I have had a rough time because I had become quite accustomed to having another set of ears around to absorb some of the sound that comes out of Madalyn's mouth. I didn't realize exactly how much Madalyn enjoys talking until David went back to school and Madalyn had no one else to talk to in the house except me. She has a lot to say. About everything. All day long. Much of which, I must admit, I try to tune out and make myself numb to because I can only hear her talk about makeup and Hannah-de-tannah (she says it just that way - and, no, she is not allowed to watch her yet, but she knows who she is and adores her for some reason) so much, you know.

Madalyn will begin preschool next week, and as horrible as it sounds, I am so excited to have a few hours of peace. No children. Just me. Of course, I will still have fifty thousand things that need to be done. But I can do as little or as much of it in quiet. I want to paint our basement bathroom the same shade of orange David's room is. So that will take some time. And I want to clean out Madalyn's closet and drawers and toys. And I want to steam clean my carpets. And I want to refinish my old baby doll cradle for Madalyn's room. So basically, all the time is already spent before I get it. But that's okay.

I am also reading the much talked about novel The Shack, which my grandmother clearly defines as the writings of satan himself. So let's just don't tell her I am reading it, okay? And I find it to be challenging and refreshing and thought provoking. Kind of what I need right now. My dear friend sent it to me a little over a week ago, and I am nearly finished. And I think, once I am finished, I would really like to read it again. And I don't say that much about any book really.

Okay. That's it. My life as of right now. Boring yet busy. Crazy yet completely normal. Exhausting but great.

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