Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sleep Ober

My kids love to have a sleep ober. No. That's not a typo. That's how Madalyn pronounces the word over. In case anyone hasn't noticed, I tend to talk through Madalyn's voice a lot. Even at home and on the phone. It is one very endearing quality she has - the way she sounds. She is this demanding little woman, fully in charge of her world, barking out orders every possible second. Until she is faced with a consonant she cannot pronounce, and then she reverts back into the sweet little pre-schooler she is somewhere deep down inside. And there is no rhyme nor reason to the mispronunciations. Over is ober. Guitar is batar. Today is daday. And so on and so forth. Refrigerator is bafridgerator. Anyway...

Since last summer when David got his cool bunk bed with futon on the bottom, they have been having sleep overs. We let the futon down into a bed, set them up with their pillows and favorite blanket, and they watch tv or a movie together until they fall asleep. During the summer, they do it quite often, but during the school year they can only sleep over on Friday or Saturday night. Since David has started back to school, the sleep overs have become more precious - especially to Madalyn. In fact, I can get Madalyn to brush her teeth and get herself ready for bed in record time when she knows she can sleep over with her budder.

It is so sweet, their little love for each other. Yes, they fight. Yes, they aggravate each other. But they have a love for one another that is so sweet, so deep, so true. And I hope that it carries them through the rest of their lives. Because they will need each other. And I want them to love and trust each other. Especially for those times that they might not feel comfortable confiding in me. It makes me feel good to know that they will always have a friend they can depend on.


Erika said...

Peyton and Shey have been trying to sleep over too, but they aren't as good as it yet. It may be the lack of TV in Shey's room. If they do fall asleep together, usually, Peyton will wake up and go to his own room during the night.

Kristin said...

That is so very sweet. My brother is absolutely one of my very best friends. He came from where I came from and has been through all the same things. I pray Elijah, Miles and Ella will have a deep and abiding love for one another like I have with Kevin. Sounds like David and Madalyn are well on their way to that type of love.