Friday, August 8, 2008

Second Grade

I remember second grade. It was my first year at ACA, and the year I met my best friend in the whole world. I remember bits and pieces of things we did - browning pumpkin seeds on an electric skillet, tornado warnings behind the partition, the reading station in my class room, my teacher's National Guard chalk holders, Little Dribblers, having the biggest crush on a boy who is no longer with us. (Wow. I remember a lot more than I realized.) Point being, second grade seems to be a year that sticks with you. Not that the rest don't, but I feel it is an age where your real memories begin.

So, yesterday was David's first day of second grade. And it just seems so weird to me that he is at an age that he will actually remember for years to come. He is doing things now that will shape him forever. He is making friends that could last a lifetime. He is growing up. Right before my eyes.

Enough of the sappy. I was disappointed to learn that his little friend from last year will be in his class again this year. Not a good mix, if you know what I mean. They tend to get in trouble together - not big trouble, mind you, but just talking and playing around when they shouldn't be. And his friend has a troubled family life and is not exactly the kind of kid I want my son to attach himself to. Yesterday, on the very first day of school, he gets a warning from his teacher about goofing off during reading time. On the first day of school. What a great first impression. I came down pretty hard on him yesterday afternoon about it and threatened that if he couldn't handle being in the same class with his friend that I would have him moved into another one. Hopefully that will get through to him. I know he will find mischief from time to time, but I will not tolerate it on a daily basis. He is just too smart to get labeled a disruptive or bad behaved kid at such an early age.

Did I mention he has a male teacher this year? Which I think will be great for David. He is young (it is only his third year teaching) and seems so energetic. His room was impressively organized and clean, and I think, generally speaking, I will like him very much. So hopefully, my child will learn to control himself and we won't have to follow through with any threat. Oh boy!

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