Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dentist

Took both the kids to the dentist today which, for me, is really quite a treat. They call them back, and I get to sit in the waiting room by myself for twenty minutes. I will take peace and quiet away from my children anytime, anywhere, in any form possible. Even if it is at the dentist. But one HUGE beef with our dentist office. At the end of the appointment, when the teeth are clean and flossed in between, they give them this little bag with the tooth brush and let them pick out a certain number of toys from a basket. I use the term toys quite loosely, as these toys more closely resemble things that fall from pre-filled pinatas or things you would find at the dollar store marked "20 for $1". You catch my drift. Utter and complete crap. That's all this stuff is. Useless crap with 500 pieces and all made in China. Now, I have nothing against the Chinese personally. But I don't know if anyone has watched the news in, say, oh, the past year or so, but wasn't it the Chinese who painted all our children's toys with lead paint? Would an educated dentist who knows first hand that most kids put stupid crap in their mouth feel the need to pass out bags to kids that have been filled with crap manufactured in China? Why, yes, I guess they do.

I just wish that instead of passing out meaningless useless crap to my kids, who have way too much crap at home anyway, they would take that dollar they would save and donate tooth brushes to the homeless. Or apply it to some one's bill that can't afford the dental work they had to have done on their kid. Because all I do with the bag of crap is throw it in the trash. Seriously, it is all already in the trash with the exception of the new tooth brush and the stickers. I just feel like society has become so wasteful and indulgent. Why do kids have to get little trinkets and toys everywhere they go these days? I don't remember getting crap when I went to the dentist. We got a new toothbrush, and that was awesome. If we were cavity free, we got to enter our name into a drawing to win something - a watch or a radio. But no toys. No crap. Just went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned and a fresh tooth brush to boot.

Okay. I feel better. Little soap box hopping today. Had to get it out of my system.

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Erika said...

Our dentist gives out stickers and for the girls, those little rings, but just two. I remember my dentist had the rings too. It wasn;t a bag though. I have the same problem with goodie bags you get from birthday parties. WHY?!?!?!