Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We had a surprising call from an old friend Saturday night. Someone we had not talked to in over four years. The last time I saw him, he came storming through our gate into our little side yard at our old house in Montgomery. He then preceded to punch another friend of ours in the face, and they brawled right there in the grass. All of this was the result of a phone conversation between the two men about, of all things, the Auburn / Alabama game. They were both running their mouths and talking stupid, as men often do about sports, and the guy that was at our house thought it was just all in good fun. But apparently, our other friend did not. He drove all the way from Prattville to Montgomery to our house to punch another man. When we finally broke up the fight, I told him to leave and never come back. And he didn't. Within the years that followed, he became addicted to crack cocaine. We had heard through friends of friends that he had gone off the deep end, but we never knew for certain how he was or if he was still alive.

I was glad to hear his voice on Saturday. I was glad to hear that he was doing well and that he seemed ashamed of his behavior so many years ago. I was glad to hear that he had been to rehab about a year ago and was trying to live right. But I quickly became saddened about his situation - alone, no friends, no wife, no children, and fighting an addiction that has been tagged the toughest one to beat. Just a few poor choices and years of his life were lost. Those same choices will haunt him forever and pull at his soul. And there are so many more out there like him. Too many to count. Too many living day to day trying to make the right choices but inwardly resigned to failure.

I want to ask all my friends to pray for him. I do not want to mention his name. God already knows. Please lift him up in prayer. I am sending some contact information his way that could really be of help to him if he is willing to take it. I just hope he will. Because that's is all I can do for him. I just wish I could do more...


carrie said...

I will keep him in our prayers.

Kristin said...

if he's still around here you should try to get him to try the Overcomers group at Landmark.