Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Man

Little man's life has all of the sudden become full. I have always been one of those moms who doesn't believe in allowing your child to be too busy or be involved in too much. But as he has gotten older, I have realized that those things seem to find you no matter how hard you try to fight them off. This week, David is attending Vacation Bible School, which is something that I have such incredibly fond memories of as a child. I went every summer, and then when I was too old to go myself, I became a helper. I am so amazed at how much the concept has changed throughout the years. Of course, when I was young, I never attended a large church. But our church here that we attend (when we attend) has over five hundred children enrolled from age 5 to 9. Amazing!! When I walked David in the first morning, I was taken back that the entire auditorium of the church was filled with children. And the crafts are out of this world - a test tube filled with some kind of gel and glitter on Monday, and then yesterday, they made their own bouncy ball. We used to make magnets out of wooden popsicle sticks and I can remember making something out of a plastic communion cup. You get the point; these kids have it made in so many more ways than one. And they don't even realize it. This year's VBS theme is Power Lab which is right up David's alley as he loves anything to do with science or experiments. He is having a ball, and it gives him something to stimulate his mind a little.

And of course we are still hot and heavy with his tee ball. We won the number one seed for the local area tournament in Hoover, and we played our first tournament game last night. We won, and now we play again on Friday night. If we win that game, we play on Saturday for the area championship. Our team is AMAZING!! You cannot even imagine how good these little guys are. There is no way to explain it with words. They make plays like ten year olds do, and no one can really believe it until they see it for them self. Several people from Scott's work have come to see the games, and they always leave saying the same thing: We knew you said they were good, but we really had no idea they were that good. So we are excited at the possibility of winning this little tournament, and we are already registered to go and play in a tournament the weekend of July 4th in Pensacola. Baseball has been so much fun, and I really do look forward for the years to come with David. It definitely keeps us busy between the games and endless practices. But when I see him out there on first base grinning from ear to ear, it is worth every minute.

Next week he will got o a basketball camp put on by our high school. It is a four day deal, and they go from 9 to 4 in the afternoon. I think he will have a lot of fun. And his birthday is next week, and so much more to do. I am telling you, it gets crazier and crazier by the minute around here. I guess this is just the way it will be from here on out. I am merely a taxi service from one thing to the next.

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