Monday, June 30, 2008

Just when you think...

We had it all planned out. Scott had called his mom to keep the kids for us Saturday evening. I just needed a break. I can't even remember the last time both my children spent the night away. Maybe that's not a big deal to some, but I am the kind of mom that needs a break form time to time. I will be the first to say that. David was sick on Wednesday and Thursday, and a trip to the doctor revealed that is was not strep but just a virus. By Friday, he was great, but then Madalyn's fever started. I quickly figured out that our grand plan of having a night without children had been thrown out the window.

Saturday night was terrible. Madalyn was up several times that night and spent the bulk of the evening in our bed tossing and turning with a fairly high fever. Around 4 am, David started vomiting and continued through 10 that morning. It was just one of those nights that you can never be prepared for. I would get one settled in just for the other to wake up. But I made it through, and the patient mommy in me emerged, as she always does during times of sickness. I wish I could muster that amount of tolerance every day.

The lesson learned form this weekend: Just when you think you have had enough of your kids and you can't take another minute, God will take the opportunity to show you that you can and you should and you will. I just need to get over myself and suck it up and quit feeling sorry for myself that I never have any personal time. My kids need me, and I need to realize that it won't be like this forever. I am just glad I was able to learn a lesson from buckets of vomit and a fever stricken child. And live to tell the story.

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