Thursday, June 26, 2008

5:30 in the morning

Oh, dear. It promises to be a long day. I have been up now for almost an hour already. David has strep; we will go to the doctor to confirm it later this morning, but I already know it for certain. This will be his fourth bought with it, and I know the symptoms like the back of my hand now. Yesterday, we had to get more ibuprofen, and we decided to get the little junior strength pills to try because he hates liquids so much. So he swallowed his first pill yesterday. They are so tiny, but nonetheless, he swallowed them. He is getting so big. Not big enough to get down from his bunk bed and make it to a trashcan or toilet to throw up in yet, but definitely big enough to swallow a tic-tac sized ibuprofen.

Since I am awake at this awful hour and cannot go back to sleep, I am off to run. Might as well do something besides lie in bed and wish that I could back to sleep.

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