Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The right to bears arms...

Burglars beware: We are locked and loaded. If this picture doesn't scare, I just don't know what will. There's just something about a girl with a Disney Princess shirt and a plastic rifle, isn't there?
Saturday, during our rainy morning with no baseball game, David some how found the American Classic Movie channel in which I am guessing they were in the midst of a western marathon. He watched for hours. Yes, my children watch tv for hours - even when it is not raining out. Anyway - for two days he ran around with the $20 plastic shotgun that we just had to buy him during our visit to Desoto Caverns. I am sure it cost someone in China about thirty-eight cents to make. But what the hey. Spring Break only comes once a year, right? So David and Madalyn spend the rainy morning watching old westerns and chasing each other around the house with guns. And then Sunday, they took them outside and hunted lizards. Do not fear; no lizards were injured to obtain this picture.

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