Monday, May 5, 2008

Oops, I did it again

At thirty-one years of age, I am about as forgetful as the average 75 year old. I really cannot imagine how bad it will be when I am actually 75. That being said, this is teacher appreciation week in our county. And our room mom set aside a different theme every day for gifts. Today was flower day. And do you want to know when I remembered that today was flower day? Oh right about the time I get in carpool line to drop David off and I see all these kids with freaking flowers in their hands.


What ever happened to Teacher Appreciation Day? When exactly did it turn into a week? With themed days. And gifts for every day. I mean, I appreciate my child's teacher and all, but does anyone out there realize what it takes for me (and I would dare say most parents) to remember from one day to the next what I am supposed to bring and the theme and whatnot? I can remember, when I was in school back some decades ago, taking a rose from my mom's little rose bush and wrapping the stem in a wet paper towel and aluminum foil. And that was good enough. Now, we have to have flower day and supply day and pamper your teacher day. A whole week's worth of stuff to buy that I really don't have the extra cash flow for. Last year, our room mom organized parents to come in at lunch and watch the children so the teacher could eat by herself all week. Now that's something that I would truly appreciate if I were a teacher. I just think the world in general has become so obsessed with extremes and trying to out do others and impressing everyone around them that, as a whole, we have forgotten what it means to truly appreciate someone. And it doesn't have anything to do with a five day challenge for parents to remember. And then, in my case, feel guilty about when they have forgotten about it. I think true appreciation is a day to day showing of emotion. The little things that you can say or do along the way. And I don't think anyone in college right now studying to be a teacher is thinking, "I can't wait ti finish school so I can bring home lots of crap that I really don't want or need and know with certainty that I am appreciated!"

Okay. I just had to get that off my chest. And I really do feel terrible that I forgot about the stinking flowers. Because David will realize that he was supposed to bring something, and he has such a tender heart for things like that. So I guess tomorrow, I will send some flowers along with our other theme. Which I think is snacks. I better go check my memo. I can't screw up two days in a row.


Erika said...

We were supposed to send $10 in, but I'm not going to. Passive agressive? Maybe.

carrie said...

Do you know what I got for teacher appreciation week? A candle, a thing of peanuts, and a lunch provided. I do not get fancy gifts or themed items. However, I do get hugs constantly and kids wishing I was there mom. That will warm a heart much faster than a flower! I can't believe you had to do all of that!