Friday, May 30, 2008


Okay - so I have a little bone to pick with my husband. And no, this is not an advertisement for Loreal. If they would like to send me any money, I would gladly accept it, but something tells me I have far too few readers for this to ever reach their executives. Anyway - on to the beef. Is it not enough that my husband only weighs fifteen pounds more than me soaking wet? Now he has to go and get all concerned about his fine lines and sun damage. I mean, seriously. Now I am in competition with him on who has the most beautiful skin. It ain't easy around this house living with a man that eats like a bird and weighs next to nothing and whose feet are about the same size as mine. What will he think of next?!?
Now, my husband has always put lotion on his face every morning. And a couple of years ago got into the face lotions that have sunscreen in them. A few weeks ago, he comes home with some anti-aging crap by Neutrogena. And now you see what we've got. I do believe that my husband is officially more high maintenance than I am. Now we all know where Madalyn gets it from...

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carrie said...

That is so funny!! Brad has gotten some gray hair and is saying he may have to color it!