Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I can't believe...

Upon beating David in a game of Battleship today, he says to me, "I can't believe I got beat by a woman."

It lit a fire in my soul. "What do you mean got beat by a woman? What's the difference if I am a girl or a boy?"

"Well, you know... a woman," he replies. I quickly put him in his place and explained that God made us all equal and that there are a lot of women and little girls out there that are smarter than him. He said, "Not really."

"Well then, David, would you like to play again and find out just how smart I am? Because I found three of your ships and waited to sink them trying to help you win. So, did you want to get the game back out?"

No response.

I pulled him over to me and held him by the arm in a not so pleasant manner. I then had this to say to him: "I will not raise a little boy that believes men are smarter than women just because they are men. It is not true, and I will not have it in my household. Do you understand me?"

Of course, he says yes, but he does not understand. He never will. He will never know how it feels to be questioned about something over and over and over again because you are a woman and you can't possibly have something figured out correctly. He will never be second guessed because of his sex. He will never have someone try to convince him to change his mind after saying no to something fifteen times. He will never be passed over for being a certain sex. Don't get me wrong; I am not some bra burning feminist. Far from it, rather. I am old fashioned by nature, believing that, if all possible, the woman's place is in the home and her success should come from her children. But that doesn't mean that we are any less intelligent. And I am not sure exactly where he has picked this up (maybe a little from his dad- he tends to second guess everything I say and do even though the responsibility of everything is on my shoulders), but it will go no further. Not here. Oh, no. This crazy mama will put a stop to this nonsense one way or the other.

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Erika said...

One of my boys said something yesterday quite similar. For the life of my I can't remember which one. I pretty much had the same reaction. It is aggrevating. Especially given the fact that most women I know are smarter!