Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Day

It was a good day yesterday. We didn't have anyone over. I didn't have to do anything. We just played outside and the kids swam and we had a great day. Of course, the kids still squabbled and whined and fussed. But at least I could respond with, "You have to be sweet and mind me because it's MOTHER'S DAY!!!"

I opened up David's folder Friday afternoon when he got home from school expecting to find a card or a picture or something in honor of Mother's Day. Nothing. But two printed out papers caught my eye. One of them was a copy of a poem about mothers and the other was a letter from David's teacher. The letter basically said that due to one of the student's loss of her mother, they had forgone making gifts this year for the mothers. The teacher just thought it would be too painful for the little girl. I felt horrible. It is not like I had forgotten about her; I ask David about her all the time. But I guess it just hit me about it being Mother's Day and it being her first without her mama. So anyone who reads this should just stop and say a little prayer for this little girl and two siblings who are living without their mom.

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