Wednesday, May 7, 2008


You know, I have been through this before with Discover many, many years ago. First, let me start by saying that I am in charge of the bills in this household. The countless pile of bills. And I am pretty meticulous about it. I have made a spreadsheet with spaces for all the bills and as they come in, I fill it out. And as I pay them each month, I go through and check them off and I staple any online receipts of payment all together. You get the point - I am somewhat organized about the bills for the most part. But then, once or twice a year, I make a mistake. (I am sure this is hard to believe.) I will forget to pay something, or I will inadvertently mark something off the list without paying. You know, make an honest human mistake. But I get them paid on time and we have strong credit, despite the fact that we are swimming (no pun intended) in debt.

All that being said - I remember trying to log into the Discover website about a week and a half ago and for some reason I couldn't get in. And I remember it distinctly because it didn't look normal. It looked different; it didn't look as professional as I had remembered their website looking. So much so that I got out my card and re-entered the website manually to make sure that somehow a hacker hadn't gotten into my favorites and taken over in order to rob me blind. Long shot, I know, but stranger things have happened. So, I pulled it up and, indeed, it looked the same and I tried to log in again with still no luck. So I decided to try again later.

That was the mistake. Because I forgot to try again later.

This morning, the phone rang, and I saw on the caller id that it was Discover. Immediately, I get out my little folder and start looking through all the receipts of payment and realize what I had done. So I log on to make my payment, and the whole website has been updated and is all fresh and new. I make my payment, now six days late, and check to see if they have jacked up the interest rate. Well of course they have - to 24%. Are you kidding me? So I call thinking surely they can look at my blameless record of payment and see that I have honestly made a mistake and they would help me out a little. Nope. The robotic, brainwashed employee I spoke with said I must make payments for nine consecutive months on time before they are allowed to lower my interest rate.

Should have known better. This happened to me right after David was born. I mean, he was like a month old, and I got the payment in like a week late and they jacked the interest up on me then. And I remember it was the same spill I got over the phone. And I think I even cried that time because I was so devastated. But not this time. I have a little practice as of late dealing with these big company bastards. So I will pull my brain out of the box again and use it to write a handy dandy letter to Discover. The good news is that I have a credit card that I can transfer this balance over to if they do not want to lower the interest rate back down. So we will see what happens. I hate bills.

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