Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!

Just been so busy lately with Madalyn finishing school and preparing for the end of the season baseball party. We had the party here yesterday afternoon with cupcakes and cookies and coke and inflatable over sized baseballs and bats. Have you ever witnessed ten boys beating each other senseless with blow up bats? Quite amusing. So we had close to thirty people here yesterday (maybe more), and so my hostessing skills were tested at the highest level. No one was hurt, nothing was broken, and we had the perfect amount of food. I think I passed the test.

On Saturday, I ran the first race of my life!! Crazy, isn't it? To run a race at thirty-one. I ran my first 5K here in Alabaster, and I finished without walking (which was really the biggest goal for me - not to walk) in 36:19. I have been working really hard to build up my distance, so this was a major accomplishment for me. Especially seeing that I could not run further than a mile just a short month and a half ago. So I will keep working and keep pushing to go further. This running thing is pretty cool; I like the challenge it offers me.

So we have two more games for our baseball season. One tonight against this team that wants to beat us so bad. Well, they all want to beat us because we have not lost a single game except the opening game. If we win one game of the two, we will win the first place spot for our age group. Of course, I am hoping to win both. But one will do. David has really blossomed into quite the ball player. And he is learning so much on the field that can be applied everywhere else in life. He is really growing up so fast. Right before my eyes. His last day of school is Thursday, and then he will be in the second grade next year. How did that happen? The second grade. Wow. That seems so old. It just doesn't seem possible. Where does the time go?


Erika said...

I know, I can't believe Peyton will be 6 on Thursday. How did this happen?

carrie said...

With a new baby on the way, I am realizing how fast the time goes. Do you realize that Todd is 1/3 of the way to graduating! Wow. Are we really that old?