Saturday, May 3, 2008


We had a wonderful time at the Bon Jovi concert in Atlanta!! What an amazing show! Daughtry opened up, and he was absolutely amazing. Scott and I both commented that this will be one of the few tours (if not the last) that he opens up for. And I just had no idea what an entertainer Jon Bon Jovi really is. He is amazing. And he must be in the best of shape because he was nonstop for about two and a half hours (except for one song - he took a break, wiped the sweat, and changed shirts). But when you have 25 years worth of songs to include in your show, I don't think you can go wrong. And he mixed everything up - the old in with the new. Scott and I were completely blown away. It was well worth the money. Well worth it. And it was completely clean. There was a family sitting in front of us, and it was definitely a kid friendly show. As long as their little ear drums could handle it.

One last thing before I go and figure out what the heck we are going to do today since it is raining outside and our game has been cancelled. This is a response to Carrie's comment on those pictures of Madalyn - boy or girl, it doesn't matter. David used to totally do the same thing. And still does. Just let him put his little ear plugs from his MP3 player in and get lost in the music, and you will hear a show!! And when he was Madalyn's age, he would get on the hearth of the fireplace and perform for us. I guess if it's in the blood, it's just in the blood.

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