Friday, April 18, 2008

Weather Day

How ironic that we are out of school today for a built in weather day that has remained unnecessary. I think today promises to be the most beautiful day of the year thus far.

I am listening to my children play with the "hokey-tokey". That's Madalyn speak for walky-talky. I don't know what is going on with Madalyn's foul mouth lately, but the term butt has become her favorite. And it's not that the word butt is all that bad, but there are just so many other terms that sound more, well... lady like. Like hiney, rear end, glutomous. I don't know... anything but the word butt. It's not even a word I use. I get made fun of by all the adults around me for saying hiney. I know she gets it from the evil, satanistic Sponge Bob. But what am I supposed to do? Give up the tv time because of the term butt? So frustrating. So minor, but still so aggravating.

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