Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Not once, but twice. That's how many times my precious baby girl got sent to "the office" today at preschool. The first time because the teacher was having an especially rough day with Madalyn not wanting to listen. The second time because Madalyn defiantly told the teacher, "No!" Oh, dear me. I really do not know what to do with her. Of course her teacher added that this isn't her typical behavior at school. But it is still her typical behavior at home. And my biggest fear is that her fear of the unknown outcome of said behavior at school is wearing down, and this might become a very typical behavior all around. I do feel sorry for whoever teaches this child next year. And for all the teachers for the many years to come.

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carrie said...

Todd was in trouble all of the time and preschool. This year he has only moved his magnet twice. That was an amazing transformation. I prayed often that he would get a good teacher and that he would learn to behave. We were blessed with both! She still has hope!