Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sad Stuff

It just seems like there are so many sad things going on right now. First off, my neighbors had their baby early last week, and though the baby is fine (he is still in the NICU, but progressing well and breathing on his own) he was unable to come home with mom yesterday. I know that is always a sad time for a new mom who has literally been attached to a baby for nine months and then has to relinquish control to a team of nurses. Pray for my neighbors as they cope with this disappointment and for little baby Micah to continue doing well so he can join his family at home soon.

Also, a little girl in David's class at school has lost her mother to lung cancer. What makes this seem even more tragic is that she is a triplet. So three first graders lost their mother over the weekend. It is hard to comprehend the impact this loss will have on these three young children. I can't get it out of my head. I try to imagine not having a mom through my early years and then into my teens. The situation is truly heartbreaking. Pray for this family as well, for their loss and for the many years to come that it will take to deal with such a tragedy.

There is also a little boy (I believe he is nine) that lives in our neighborhood and goes to the same school as David who has just been diagnosed with some form of cancer of the tissue. As of right now, they believe it to be only in one spot on his arm, but he will have to begin chemo next week. I absolutely cannot comprehend childhood cancer. It makes absolutely no sense to me, and I really can't think about too long because it upsets me. Please pray for this family.

And last, Scott's grandmother, who just months ago suffered the loss of her dear husband, has a major blockage in her heart and due to the location, the doctors want to perform open heart surgery. She is devastated. They are planning to go for a second opinion, but it will still be a huge decision to make. The entire family wonders if she is strong enough to deal with such a major physical trauma.

I guess in the midst of all this, I am so thankful that my children are healthy and my family is well. My mom told me that a lady at work was asking how the grand kids were doing, and she replied that they were into everything and staying in trouble. The woman replied, "Well, at least that means they're healthy. When they are getting in trouble, you always know they are feeling good." And she's right. My children drive me up the wall - all the way to the top. But, they are well. And I am thankful.


Erika said...

Childhood cancer is so scary! Especially because you think you have a healthy child and then it hits you out of the blue one day. I can't even imagine. I tried to leave Keri a message, but she doesn't have comments. Tell her I'm praying for them and keeping an eye on the photos.

Rebecca said...

Such sadness all around! I too saw the photos on Keri's page. I will be praying for all these families.

Kristin said...

Two of my greatest fears - dying while my children are little and having a child get cancer. Like you, I just can't think about it too much or I'll upset. I guess I should get over being mad at Elijah for locking me out of the house earlier today. At least he's trouble and well!

carrie said...

I sometimes wonder why the world is so full of sadness. Perhaps it is because we have all "grown up". I am like Kristin, those are 2 of my biggest fears. I will keep them all in my prayers!