Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just Plain Nasty

One thing I have learned from my many, many hours at the ball park over the past two years is that people are just generally nasty in spirit. They are dishonest. They are completely disrespectful of one another. They are manipulative. They are jealous. And they pass all these lovely traits down to their children by way of their example. And to think, my son is only six. How many more years of nastiness will we have to endure? Countless.

As you might deduce from the previous comments, we had a game last night. And we won. We beat our rival team from last year, and I silently gloated because I do have a small amount of class. But that was after a parent (or grandparent - I couldn't really tell which he was) from the other team commenced to allow me to copy his entire batting order which was incorrect. The thing is, he knew it had been changed at the last minute, and when I politely asked him if I could copy his order, he smugly replied, "Uh huh." Without ever once saying that it was incorrect. It sounds so minor, but it's just plain common courtesy that should be afforded form one adult to another. Don't allow me to write something down for my coach that you know to be wrong. And this is the same team that when one of our players hit a home run (by errors, of course, cause in tee ball it's nearly impossible to have a home run any other way), the coaches tried to say that he didn't touch first base. Just a lie. Because last time I checked, there's no instant replay in little league tee ball. And if he didn't touch first base, then why didn't someone say something immediately instead of well after he had touched home plate. I assure you, there was enough time to point it out as the ball was being over thrown and missed between nearly every infielder. You know, I get excited about my son playing ball. I'll admit, I cheer for him and get excited when our team makes good plays. But I do hope that my actions are reflective of the manner an adult should act at the ball park. And I just can't put into words some of the attitudes I have seen from some of the nastiest of people. And it trickles down to the kids. During our first game of the season, the one we lost so bad, the first baseman of the opposing team was telling all our kids as they got to first base things like, "You are the worst hitter," and "You can't catch the ball." Now that may not sound like much to an adult, but to a group of six year old boys that are playing their first game of the season, those words could really get to you. I was floored. Trash talking - from a six year old little boy. And where do you suppose he learned that behavior? Hmmm. I wonder.

I just hope I am teaching both my children grace, dignity, and humility. I figure if you win with humility and lose with dignity, that is the sign of a great spirit. But from the looks of the spirits at the ball park, there ain't alot of that going on in my fair city.

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