Thursday, April 24, 2008

He loves me, he loves me not...

Tuesday afternoon was a particularly unpleasant afternoon with the kids. As soon as David got home, he and his sister began fighting. And he was whining about everything. And at one point, he got so angry with me for letting Madalyn look at his book order form because he was so terrified that she would rip it that he ran down the stairs flinging and flailing and just making all kinds of noises and sounds that are just not acceptable in this home. There were other minor things including the thirty minutes he locked himself in his room. And normally I don't allow my children to lock themselves in their room. But at this point, I thought it a good idea because I didn't particularly want to be around him. Madalyn was being her normal high maintenance self, and I had spent the whole day spanking her every time she started to shriek and squeal about anything. I am just not having it anymore. Needless to say, I am a mom on a war path right now.

So here's what I found this morning. And I know that David wrote it Tuesday on the way to practice (after I told my children that I was about ready to put them out on the side of the street - but that's neither here nor there) because he took his clipboard in the car and that's where I found it this morning. I will write it exactly as David penned it with a small amount of translation in parentheses:

The Bad Mom
The bad mom had bin meen a lot.
The bad mom was'int good looking.
The bad mom had bad hear (hair).
The bad was a monster.
The bad mom had a tel (tail).
The bad mom rode on a dirtbike.
The End.
Perhaps I am reading more into it than I should, but I can't help but think he wrote this about me. But at least he still loves me a little. I mean, he's got me riding on a dirt bike there at the end, so he must love me some.

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Erika said...

That was just delightful! I think you should encourage the poet in David. ha ha