Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Stuff All Around

Well, things are looking up around here. The neighbors' baby finally came home yesterday (and I got to hold him!). Scott's grandmother had her surgery yesterday, and all went better than expected. Granted, now she has to recover, which is the toughest part of open-heart surgery. But she was under and on bypass for such a short amount of time that hopefully her recovery will not be as difficult. And we won our tee ball game last night 22-7. Hallelujah! The boys were so excited. And even the ones who had never played before and don't really have a clue what is going on knew that this was something to get excited about.

We are very busy this week with tee ball. Two of our games scheduled for last week were cancelled due to rain, and we will make them up this week. So we play three times this week total. Of course, one of those games will surely be cancelled. That's just the way this crazy weather is this spring.

One more piece of fabulous news and then I must go clean my house (something I have been neglecting as of late). Poison is coming to the Verizon amphitheater in July, and we are so excited. I know Erika is laughing at me right now. And anyone else that is actually reading my blog. Scott and I went to see them two years ago, and it was such a fun show! It's all these great songs from the early nineties that everyone would remember. And really I was so impressed that it was a relatively clean show. It's just something fun and different to do. And I definitely need something to get me out of this crazy house every now and then. Okay - gotta go do my housewifely duties. There's plenty to do today!

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carrie said...

I really like Poison, too!