Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Girl Talk

Ahhh... the delights of my off spring. Especially when the little lady of the house completes every sentence with one of the following words: poop, booger, or butt. What's the deal? I have determined this must just be a developmental phase. The complete fascination with all things disgusting and gross that come from the body. And I don't know why I thought my little girl would be immune from the same fascinations all other children of the world have. But I did. I think I had some misconceptions about what having a little girl would entail.

#1. Pretty bows and beautiful hair. FALSE. Madalyn refuses to wear a bow (or anything in her hair for that matter) 95% of the time. And her hair closely resembles quilting thread.

#2. All would be clean and tidy and lovely all the time. FALSE. Madalyn literally sat and played in a pile of rocks and sand last night at ball practice. And when she attempted to touch the newborn baby of another mother there, and I told her that she could not because her hands were dirty, she looked at me and said, "No they're not. They not dirty."

#3. Girls have an innate sense of what is pure and lovely. FALSE. FALSE. FALSE. They don't care. They still talk about boogers and poots and poopy and butts the same as little boys. And it is just a horrible experience when you witness the precious apple of your eye saying such words and making sound effects to go along with them.

But there is certainly one thing that remains true about little girls, no matter how vile they speak or how dirty they get. If I offered Madalyn five rubber bouncy balls (or any other object, for that matter), all of different colors with one being pink, she will almost always pick the pink one. Especially if it has glitter in it or on it. There is still hope.


Kristin said...

Ella can already fake a burp. Then she laughs...maybe it's the big brothers?

Rebecca said...

I still love pink too!!!