Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Mom

This morning, after our long weekend of not thinking about school (because we were out of school Friday, so why think about school?), I open up David's back pack to prepare him for the day. Sign the conduct folder, put in today's snack, check to see what day that reading group homework is due. Oh, crap!! It's due today!! And me, being the piece of crap mom I am, I have forgotten all about it. And you know how it goes at the ripe old age of six. The teacher may say it is the child's responsibility to remember when their assignments are due, but how many six year olds do you know that stop on Saturday morning in the middle of Sponge Bob and say, "I better get on that homework because it's due on Monday"? Certainly not mine. And it is a little aggravating, the homework and all. Not that we have much of it, but we just have things that take a while to do.

So, this morning, I break it to David that I have forgotten about his homework. But I say that we can at least sit down and start it and that I would email his teacher to explain that I forgot all about it and it is really my fault. In David's reading group, they are reading the Magic Treehouse books, and they go one chapter at a time and take turns with various jobs for each. This week, we had the word wizard task, which is thankfully the easiest of all. You select five words from the chapter, write the page number it is found on, and then write what you think the word means. To me, this process seems quite sophisticated for six. But the majority of the things these first graders do today seems way more sophisticated than the things I remember doing at that age. Anyway, he was able to complete the assignment this morning with ease. So I told him as we were packing his stuff in his back pack that no one would ever know he did it this morning. That it doesn't matter when you do it as long as it's done on time. And I thought to myself as we headed out the door, "It feels so good to pass on the torch of procrastination."

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Erika said...

Eh, I forget homework till the last minute all the time. I am so ready for summer.