Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, my running efforts have been temporarily stalled. I don't know what is going on or what I have done, but it hurts to walk much less run. Thursday, I had the best run, running the furthest I have ever run outside (which for me seems to be more challenging than the treadmill). And then Saturday, I couldn't even run a whole mile. My ligaments or tendons, whichever they are, behind and under my ankles are so sore, and I don't know what to do. I am so disappointed. I never thought I would be disappointed about not being able to exercise. But I just feel like my body has come so far and it was all beginning to feel more natural to me. And now I am afraid that I will lose my headway and have to start fresh again. I am thinking of going to some sort of shop that custom fits inserts for your shoes. I am beginning to think that might be the only way I will ever meet my goal. I know that I over-pronate with my left foot, and I have huge feet with huge joints that ache even when I am not running. So maybe it's time to bite the bullet and go seek some professional help. I think anyone that knows me knows I need all the professional help I can get.

On a more positive note, Madalyn is off to preschool this morning, and the house is silent again. I will cherish these sacred moments, because it will end all to quickly. I do love her dearly, but the past few weeks have been a never ending battle of writing on the walls and putting stickers on everything and whining. And it is so pleasant to sit here at the keyboard and not have her sitting behind me in a chair that is only meant for one person. I know I will miss her preschool years when she is grown, but I don't think I will ever miss her climbing behind me and wedging her little hiney behind my big one in this desk chair. Okay, on second thought, I probably will miss that one day. What seems irritating in the moment is somehow cute when you type it out.


Erika said...

ok, Blogger ate my comment. I've been hearing on the radio and seeing on TV ads about Fibro testing and new medication out. Have you checked on any of those?

Sylvia said...

This is Rebecca's mom. I have foot problems and my Dr. recommended this web site: www.nbwebexpress. You can email them and tell them the problems you are having and they will recommend what shoe you need. I got a pair from them today and so far they feel good. They have a great return policy and they also sell the orthotics for your shoes. Of course they recommended for me one of the most expensive ones! Good luck!