Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Self Diagnosis

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? All the information you need for diagnosing your ailments right at your fingertips with no copay involved. I put on my white coat and diagnosed myself yesterday with retrocalcaneal bursitis. Let's all say that together ten times, very quickly. And I believe it is from improper fitting shoes. It is certainly not from over training. I have only been running every other day, and even though a mile seems like a lot to me, I don't think that is a tremendous stress on the human body. So my plan is to be fitted for some shoes that will meet the specific needs of my foot. And I am sure they will cost a small fortune. Thank God for income tax returns.

In other news, my nose is healing up quite well. I am beginning to sound like an old woman. Bursitis and precancerous nose. If I mention my hip anytime soon, someone please get me some help. I digress... My nose is looking better than it has in about a year. I have had this brown spot I believed to be a freckle. I guess it wasn't. I guess it was precancerous. Whatever it was, it is gone. The big scab peeled off my nose Sunday night and it is all fresh skin underneath. But I just sat there looking at this scab and thought, "Is that all of it? Did they freeze it all? Is this the only threat?" Because that is what it feels like. A threat. Some sort of uninvited invader. And it was only precancerous. Can you imagine how I would feel if it were the real deal and it had permeated below the surface? I don't ever want to know how that feels. So I will find a skin cancer specialist and get a second look at my nose. I also want someone to look at my back and my shoulders and chest. Anywhere that there could possibly be more. I am not worried about it. I just want to know. And if fixing it is as simple as freezing it off, then freeze every spot you find and get it off my body. So to you, my thousands of devoted daily readers, don't forget your sunscreen. And better yet, don't forget to put it on your children's little noses.

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