Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Saga Continues

Well, now that we have solved the grammar crisis of the century, we may all breath easy (or should I say easily?) and talk about something a little less heavy.

QUICKEN LOANS. I received my resolution from a dear precious soul whom I will refer to as Marilyn*. I dare not use her real identity as I feel certain that my devoted readers would seek her out and cause her bodily harm. Basically, Marilyn* just read off a bunch of lawyer prepared bull-doody and fully anticipated that I would buy into it. I do not. Apparently, Quicken is a company full of confused and mistaken people. I guess that is how they got to be so big and have made so much money over the years. Perhaps thousands of very confused souls can all put their mistaken and misunderstanding minds together and rape the wallets of America. Can anyone sense that I am a bit passionate about this? According to Marilyn*, my representative did not lie to me about our second appraisal. He simply was confused due to some new Fannie Mae guidelines that had come out during the same time period of our loan. Well, I can completely not understand how new mortgage guidelines and the first page of my certified appraisal could be confused, but I guess I don't work for Quicken, therefore I am not confused enough to understand something that complex. Also, Marilyn* commenced to tell me that my husband was the one who suggested that our home was worth $250,000. I then told her that I found that hard to believe and that I would love to hear the tape. She then played me back about a five second sound bite in which it sounded to me like Scott was responding to our rep's suggestion that our home was worth that much. Anyway. I could go on and on. Marilyn's resolution to our problem is that they will refund me $107 of the money to cover the cost of the first appraisal and pulling our credit report. I told her that this was completely unacceptable and I wanted the full refund or I would just take it to the next level.

What is the next level? I am so disturbed by this whole ordeal. I have found two websites with all these complaints about Quicken, and in reading them, I have found so many stories similar to mine. I cannot/can not believe that there is not a class action lawsuit filed against these people. I just feel so strongly about this, not only for myself, but for the hundreds of thousands who have been effected by this crap. It is just so ridiculous.

So, I am not done with this. I am going to work on another letter to the chairman and the CEO. And from this point on, I am not going to have any phone conversations with them. And I am seriously thinking of contacting a class action attorney. And that is so not me to contact an attorney about anything. This company is making money in an unethical manner and blaming it on their customers and their own confusion. It just needs to be stopped.

I am quickly loosing my faith in mankind, if I ever had much at all.

*identity has been changed to avoid libel and harassment lawsuits in the future


Erika said...

I would imagine there is an attorney out there who would give you a free consult and would love the opportunity to go against such a big company. Also, whatever Scott said is really immaterial as YOU were the one who completed the application.

Kristin said...

This sounds really confusing and horrible. so sorry it's happened. I've been thinking about you. I tagged you so come over to see the rules.